We collaborate with patients, clinicians, companies, research organisations and investors. 

Our Health in Our Hands innovates in areas relevant to medtech, wearables, pharmaceutical development, health services and policy makers.  Our diagnostic and health monitoring projects are underpinned by the convergence of bioscience, advanced sensor technology, engineering, data analysis and machine learning.  The resulting technologies have broad clinical potential. 

Our medical research programs also offer opportunities for partners to co-develop technologies with us in MS and Diabetes.  

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MS Research collaboration toolkit

This toolkit proudly forms part of the Our Health in Our Hands strategic initiative, made possible by generous support from MS Research Australia.

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Watch our filmed conversations between people living with MS and researchers (subtitle option available)


The value of time takes on new meaning when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease.


From day-to-day risks, such as a fall, to long term assessment of treatment risk versus reward, people living with MS actively manage these decisions.


The importance of linking the lived experience to medical research.


Keeping expectations realistic when it comes to finding a cure and the importance of the scientific process in this effort.


People and technology change over time and consent to any research project should be an ongoing and respectful conversation.

What would you say to MS researchers?

The importance of the lived experience, and the difficult decisions.

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