Research and Student Engagement

Postdoctoral Research visit. 

Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS)

Dr Md Zakir Hossain

Dr Md Zakir Hossain (Research Fellow, CECS, ANU) participated in the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS), Singapore, 14-17 January, 2020.  The 4-day summit consisted of lectures, plenary sessions, small group sessions, panel discussions, a local university visit, along with social and cultural activities. His visit was supported by GYSS, The Australian National University (ANU), and Our Health in Our Hands (OHIOH) project. 

During the visit, Dr Hossain met with young scientists and researchers travelling from around the world. He particpated in lectures and personal discussions with globally recognised scientific leaders, recipients of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Millennium Technology Prize, and Fields Medal. Discussing personalised medicine with Prof Aaron Ciechanover (2004 - Nobel Prize in Chemistry), and programming and coding with Dr Leslie Lamport (2013 - Turing Award).  

OHIOH research-led assignment

Nearly 300 Bachelors and Masters students from ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) and College of Business and Economics (CBE) delivered an OHIOH research-led assignment for the Networked Information Systems unit by the Research School of Computer Science in Semester 1, 2019.

They explored putting the personal health information securely "on the Internet" by discussing the related security issues and designing a network for monitoring and managing diabetes.

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