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Our Health in Our Hands

A strategic initiative of ANU, created in partnership with ACT Health.
Our Health in Our Hands aims to transform healthcare by developing new personalised health technologies and solutions in collaboration with patients, clinicians and health care providers.

Advances in medicine and health science are changing the way we define, measure and treat disease. Increasing understanding of disease biology offers the potential to improve accuracy of diagnosis, and precisely target therapy to address individual needs.  New miniaturised technologies can enable more frequent and effortless monitoring of important biomarkers, often without need of invasive sampling procedures. This allows a better understanding of disease, allowing improvements in therapeutic strategy and outcomes.

Our Health in Our Hands is a multidisciplinary research project aiming to advance the rapid digitalisation and personalisation of healthcare, through research partnerships with university research, individual patients and their families and support networks, clinicians and health services.  It is initially focused on two major chronic conditions; multiple sclerosis (MS) and diabetes.

Our Health in Our Hands is a strategic initiative of the ANU.

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