In 2017, The Australian National University (ANU) launched the Grand Challenges Scheme, to invest in innovative scientific programs aimed at addressing major challenges of global significance. 

Our Health in Our Hands is the first ANU Grand Challenge, founded by a diverse team of scientists and clinicians working closely with individuals affected by chronic conditions - particularly multiple sclerosis and diabetes - to tackle barriers to the introduction of personalised medicine. View the OHIOH Research Committee.

Personalised medicine promises to transform medicine, but there are significant problems to be solved before it becomes mainstream.

These include:

  • understanding the functional consequences of genomic variation
  • elucidating relationships between genes and environment
  • development of miniaturized sensing devices or accurate real time monitoring of disease markers
  • development of predictive analytics solutions for disease development and treatment monitoring
  • availability of researcher-clinicians as agents of change
  • data management and security
  • ensuring equity of access to personalised health services even in remote areas

Our Health in Our Hands will evolve as a collaborative partnership between researchers, patients, community, clinicians, government, and health care service providers.

To find out how you can be part of Our Health in Our Hands, please visit our Community page and Partnership page. Details of our approach and research programs can be found on our Research page.

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