In addition to academics and clinicians from diverse backgrounds, the Health Experience Team includes people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). This enables us to harness their expertise and ensure that their experiences and preferences are embedded in the research from design, through data collection, analysis, and implementation. We refer to them as our 'research partners'.

To date, our research partners have brought enormous value to our team and OHIOH. Amongst other things they have:

  • Taught us about living with MS and T1D, and the challenges this brings, including work, school and family life;
  • Introduced us to other people living with MS and T1D;
  • Informed our study design, particularly the relevance of specific questions and methods of data collection

Health Experience Type 1 Diabetes Team

Back:  Mr Lachlan Pedley, Prof Chris Nolan, Ms Karen Brown, Ms Kristine Wright
Front:  Ms Madhur Chhabra, Dr Anne Parkinson, Ms Ellen Brown, Ms Liz Pedley, Dr Jane Desborugh

Health Experience Multiple Sclerosis Team

Back:  Dr Anne Parkinson, Ms Danielle Squire, Ms Helena Paul, Mr Jack Leayr, A/Prof Christine Phillips, Dr Vanessa Fanning, Ms Janet Drew

Front:  Dr Anne Bruestle, A/Prof Hanna Suominen, Dr Jane Desborough, Ms Katrina Chisholm.

Virtual research partners

Ms Kristal Hannan (T1D)

Mr Mark Elisha (MS)
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