Living in a Catered Residence

Our catered residences offer a nutritional and well balanced menu plan.  The food is prepared on site by Chartwells who have a strong focus and approach to fresh and seasonal food with natural and simply delicious flavours.  The menu plan has been prepared factoring in feedback from students and the Chartwells smart food program

If you have specific needs, including vegetarian, coeliac and Halaal requirements, please let the residential staff know so that a meal plan can be tailored to these needs.  

The Summer menu begins at the start of Semester 1 and the Winter menu begins at the start of Semester 2 and then transitions into the Spring menu.  The menu offers two vegetarian dishes and half of these vegetarian dishes are suitable for vegans. 

Three daily additional protein boost bars will be offered across lunch and dinner meal periods.  Thursday dinners will have a different themed comfort style menu developed with residential input.

Frequently asked questions

I applied for a catered accommodation, but my offer is for a self-catered location - why?

The number of applications we receive for catered accommodation exceeds the number of places we have available. If we can't get you in to your first catered choice, we exhaust all other catered spaces available before we offer self-catered. Unfortunately, we can't meet everyone's requests. However we have an Applying to transfer to a different residence process for those who cannot be granted their preference.


Bruce Hall Main Wing

Bruce Hall has established itself as a true community of scholars, where individualism is respected and excellence in all things is encouraged. The Hall fosters a positive community where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity nurtured.

Burgmann College

Founded on the principles of egalitarianism and respect, at Burgmann residents sit on our highest governing bodies and have a significant say in the direction of the College.

John XXIII College

John XXIII College has always enjoyed both an independence from and a healthy, collaborative partnership with the ANU.

Ursula Hall Main Wing

Ursula Hall Main Wing thrives as a community that values trust, respect and cohesiveness. At Ursula Hall, there is a commitment to openness, and a non-judgmental culture that prioritises social connection and positive relationships in a setting that facilitates the pursuit of academic excellence.

Wright Hall

Wright Hall offers flexi-catered option, including 16 meals per week. The motto for Wright Hall is Tenacitas, Comitas, Gratia, interpreted as "Get on with it, get on with each other and be grateful". It serves as the ethos of the Hall. Wright Hall offers each resident a place to call home.