Wright Hall

Wright Hall, The Australian National University's latest offering in its suite of residences offers each resident a place to call home in a vibrant new community and with state-of-the art facilities. Located on the Western end of University Avenue, its location and proximity to the rest of the campus entities makes it a highly sought after Hall of residence among ANU students.

Wright Hall's rooftop pavilion is well known among the ANU community for the panoramic views of Canberra, making it a great space for study and relaxation. Its well-designed common spaces including study rooms caters for a live-in learning environment.

Wright Hall stands side-by-side with the new Bruce Hall, and they have both been designed to provide students with one of the world's best on-campus living experiences. The residences have been designed to set new standards in student accommodation and catering, and to build on the collegiate traditions and experiences of ANU residential life.

The two halls sit at the end of University Avenue. Each has a separate, private central quadrangle, which will be secure and accessible only to students of the Halls. The open green space between the residences will extend University Avenue all the way from Childers Street in the east to Clunies Ross Street in the west.

Wright Hall's Senior Residential (SR) and Residential Learning Advisor (RLA) Programs provide its residents support from personal wellbeing to general academic matters, while a variety of personal and professional development opportunities are provided for its residents to broaden their horizons and engage in a truly residential learning environment.