Applying to transfer to a different residence

It is understandable that living in a preferred or non-preferred residence or living in​ shared accommodation is not always easy and while every residence offers you the opportunity to grow, learn, develop and make new friends we understand that your specific needs or requirements may change.  Residents are offered the opportunity on a bi-annual basis to apply to​ transfer to another approved University residence. Indicative dates and steps to follow are provided.

Semester 1 Applications to transfer open in August
Semester 2 Applications to transfer open in May


Step 1:  Your residence will send out information about the process

Your residence will send you a pre-alert email to let you know the key dates and the process that will be followed.

Step 2:  Additional information and Transfer form will be sent

Your residence will then send you a follow up email with the inter-residence transfer form which you will need to complete.

You will also receive information on how the applications will be reviewed and against what criteria the applications are assessed.

You will be required to complete the paperwork in full with as much detail as possible and return this to your Head of Residence before the deadline date.

Step 3:  Applications will be assessed and all applicants will be emailed with the outcome 

All applications will be considered by the respective Heads of Residence. 

The information and supporting documentation provided by you forms part of the assessment.

The respective Heads of Residence will have an open dialogue during the process.

All applicants will be informed by email of the outcome of their application.

Step 4:  Successful applicants will be told of the steps to follow

Successful applicants will need to log into the accommodation portal and submit a new application to the residence that they are transferring to.

Timelines will be provided and students are requested to adhere to these.

Successful applicants will receive a transfer offer letter which they will need to accept and pay the relevant acceptance fees.

Step 5:  Final steps

Successful applicants will be advised of the move in date at your new residence and any additional fees that are due.​

Your current residence will also let you know of any additional and/or outstanding fees that are payable prior to your depature.

Clean your previous room to ensure refundable deposit. Then...Move In!​

Things to remember when applying to transfer:​

  • there are a limited number of transfer applications that are offered, ​
  • the transfer is not guaranteed, ​
  • the transfer will only take effect once the new residence has agreed
  • you are liable to pay acceptance fees upon receiving a transfer offer ​
  • rental fees vary between residences​
  • refund of fees at your current resident could take up to 6 weeks​
  • contract start dates may vary between the residences​, and so you may need to arrange to move in a day or two earlier
  • COVID-19 social distancing protocols are the same at all Residences