Decisions & policies

In addition to the ANU Act 1991 as a Commonwealth Authority ANU is subject to a number of Commonwealth legislations such as the: Freedom of Information Act 1982Fair Work Act 2009Higher Education Support Act 2003Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986Copyright Act 1968Census and Statistics Act 1905.

A full list of legislation relevant to ANU is available upon request.

Statutes and Rules are created, reviewed under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003 and used by ANU to provide relevant guidance to staff and students in their interactions with ANU.

Delegations are used by ANU to appoint particular powers relevant to finance, human resources, council etc, to representative positions within the organisation.

Committees are used throughout ANU to make decisions for and about the ANU community. There are 7 major committees who make recommendations to Council who make the final decisions for the University: