ANU is a Commonwealth authority under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013.

ANU is a tertiary institution with a strong research focus. Employing over 4000 staff, ANU provides a unique educational experience to over 22,000 international and domestic students.

For more detailed statistics on ANU visit the Performance Measurement quick stats.


ANU is governed by a 15 member council which is to act in all matters concerning the University in the way it thinks will best promote the interests of the University. Meetings of ANU Council are open to staff, students, members of Convocation and members of the media as observers.

Membership of the ANU Council is set out in section 10 of the ANU Act 1991.

College academic structure

Academic areas structure

Executive positions

University executive structure


ANU employees are employed under the ANU Act 1991 and are subject to the ANU Code of Conduct.

An enterprise agreement has been established for the period 2017 to 2021 when a new agreement will be negotiated for employees.

ANU employees are separated into two categories:

  • professional staff - work primarily in administrative roles, ranging from an ANUOfficer 1 (ANUO1) classification to a Senior Manager 4 (SM4)
  • academic staff - work in a range or roles across the organisation from lecturers to researchers with classification levels of A through to E, Academic level E being the highest.

Staff salary ranges