Delegations framework

The delegations framework is a tool aimed at enhancing standards of accountability and responsibility in decision making. It is designed to reflect the University's organisational structure and provide a mechanism to assign authorities which originate from legislation, policy and procedures.

The framework consists of three broad types of delegations.

  1. Banded delegations: Delegations which are assigned to specific bands. The banding arrangement is designed to make it clear that the delegations held by positions on lower band levels are also held by those on the bands above them.
  2. Specialist delegations: Delegations which are held by occupants of designated positions. These delegations are held by the specified position as well as that position's line supervisors up to the Vice-Chancellor.
  3. Legislative delegations: Delegations which are prescribed in legislation as only being exercised by occupants of designated positions. These delegations can only be held by another person if the delegation is transferrable and the designated delegate assigns the delegation to another person.

Delegations by category

Delegations are grouped by the following broad categories. See the attached report defining the delegations in these categories.

  • Executive
  • Academic
  • Human Resources
  • Financial
  • Facilities and services
  • Registrar and student services
  • Student recruitment and international education
  • Research management and research services
  • Legal
  • Investment
  • Information infrastructure and services
  • University accommodation