Volunteering at Canberra Moon Festival

Iris Tang, Media and Communication Manager, Fun Canberra

What is the annual Moon Festival and what type of volunteering can you do?

The annual Canberra Moon Festival is a community-based multi-cultural event. It originates from Asian lunar Moon Festival (aka Mid-Autumn Festival) that falls in September (on different date.)

You can be part of the event planning stage and/or onsite event operation. The planning role requires skills such as social media, marketing and project management and planning, and onsite volunteers will be divided into groups to operate at different activity sites.

What's the best part about getting ANU students to volunteer with you?

One objective of the event is to encourage cross-cultural communications and learning - ANU students, particularly non-English and non-Canberra students, have become a great part of our event. Volunteers are likely to make new friends and get to learn other cultures, languages and many other things, probably more than they may encounter in the university environment. Besides, they get to have fun through volunteering at the event!

What were the best parts of being part of the ANU+ Program, and why would you recommend it to other students?

It motivates me to do more volunteer work which is fantastic! To be honest, without ANU+, I would contribute somewhat to society, but I wouldn't be eager to embrace every opportunity. During my ANU+ volunteering, I met so many friends outside of university with the same goal. Being around volunteers outside of university also provided me a new outlook.

Interested in volunteering for the Moon Festival?

Students can register on www.canberramoonfestival.com.au and through Facebook/Instagram Canberra Moon Festival. In 2020 Fun Canberra (Canberra Moon Festival organising team) will be launching other cultural events alongside preparing CMF2020. Students are more than welcome to join our team. Volunteer Opportunities now open to those who are interested and/or have experience in social media, marketing and event operation.

Xun Zhang, graduated from ANU+ in 2019

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