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2024 graduand, Sushant Rijal, shares his experiences with the Student Life team.
10 Jul 2024

You’re developing a skillset. You develop the team work, team spirit, and then knowledge about your surrounding environment.

Sushant Rijal is a 2024 graduand who has actively participated in a range of Student Life programs. Sushant is graduating from Advanced Masters in Management specialising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Outside of finding passion within his chosen study area, Sushant encourages all students to get involved with programs that enrich your student experience outside the classroom. Sushant’s experience with Student Life ranges from the ANU+ program, which acknowledges community engagement through volunteering with the ANU+ Award, to the Kitchen Garden program, which encourages students to get outside, get their hands dirty, and learn skills and information about the benefits of planting, harvesting, and cooking fresh foods, and more!

When asked what he liked about the Student Life programs, Sushant said;

“The thing I like about Student Life is that they are not just experiences or actions… You’re developing a skillset. You develop the team work, team spirit, and then knowledge about your surrounding environment. A lot of skills that are required for the 21st Century are there in the Student Life programs.”

Sushant also spoke about the benefits of committing to giving back to the community through volunteering programs such as ANU+. 

“It’s always good to give back when you have time and opportunity to do it. And I feel like, rather than staying behind and scrolling on your phone, if you end up at a volunteering event, you’d make your own network of people. That’s the network of people that you’ll learn and collect skills from along the way.”

Sushant also talked about the growth he experienced as a participant of Student Life programs such as ANU+.

“I had written in my ANU+ reflection journal that I thought I was introverted, but then I was interacting with people and I realised that it was fun for me. I reflected on that and found that, no, that’s not how I am. I was putting myself in this box where I was saying that I was introverted. [ANU+] pushed me towards doing something that an extrovert would do, and that really worked for me in my growth phase, at least at ANU.”

Sushant also shared his tips for new students to ANU;

  1. Connect to the supports and services around you.
    There are a lot of departments and programs that cater to what you need, you just need to identify them.
  2. Build your network and build your circle.
    If you are finding it hard to make friends in a classroom, go to one of the Student Life programs (such as Kitchen Garden) to build that network so that you have a community of like-minded peers around you.
  3. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re struggling.
    There are a lot of services at ANU, and in Canberra, that can help you with whatever it is you’re facing.

If you’re looking to find your community at ANU, or just want to expand your skill-set and make some great memories, join a Student Life program today! You can learn more about our team at the Student Life webpage. 

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