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Events & stories

Events & stories

Events & stories

A great way to meet people and make the most of your university experience is to connect with ANU communities that interest you. Explore the different communities and get involved with like-minded peers.


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Planting trees
10.00 am , 19 Jun

Orange Jam & Preserved Lemons Poster
3.30 pm , 11 Jul

3 Kingsley St, Acton

Orientation Week Banner
9.00 am , 15-19 Jul

Telstra Tower on a sunny day
12.00 am , 07 Oct


giveaway bags picture
11 Jun 2024

Beating the Exam Blues One Event at a Time

ANU Student Life hosted the "Wellness Boost Giveaway" on 3rd June; an event aimed at reminding students that "you got this" during the stressful exam…

Group Photo ANU+ Celebration
06 Jun 2024

Celebrating Community Champions

ANU+ Celebration

Panel at First Generations Event April 2024
02 May 2024

Navigating Uni and Networking for Success

Gathered in the sunny Kambri Gallery on 24th April, students and staff with first generation university experiences heard from Dr Fiona Scotney, ANU…

Set4ANU Mentoring
24 Apr 2024

Mentor Your Way to Employability

A student's first week at university can be an incredible experience - all the new people, places, learning opportunities, communities, and so much…

2023 Global Undergraduate Awards recipients from ANU
11 Dec 2023

Global Undergraduate Awards 2023

Each year thousands of students from around the world submit their undergraduate research projects to The Global Undergraduate Awards (GUA)...

15 Nov 2022

ANU Students Receive Top Undergraduate Research Awards

Alex Qin and Oliver Hervir from The Australian National University were honoured at an awards ceremony hosted by The Global Undergraduate Awards in…