Repeating a failed course

If you fail a course, you will be permitted to re-enrol in it in a subsequent semester should the course be available.  

You can seek permission to re-enrol in a course for a third time using the Manage My Degree eForm, via ISIS.

You will not be permitted to re-enrol in a course a fourth time. 

Minimum Academic Requirements

ANU students are required to meet satisfactory academic progress. You will not maintain satisfactory progress if you fail the same course for the second time. 

On the first occasion that your progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory, you will receive a formal warning and be reminded of the academic and professional assistance available at ANU. 

If you fail a course on the third attempt, you will be considered for exclusion from the University. Before requesting permission to re-enrol in a course for the third time all students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the expected academic performance for coursework students.