Extension of a research program

If you are unable to submit your thesis by the final day of your program and wish to remain a candidate who is eligible to submit, you will need to be approved for a program extension. 

Please note:

  • PhD and Professional Doctorate candidates may apply for six months extension (full-time) or 12 months (part-time) at each request
  • MPhil candidates may apply for three months extension (full-time) or six months (part-time) at each request.
  • Research Training Scheme funding for domestic students ceases once you are on extension of program.  The University has determined at this stage that no domestic tuition fee will be charged for domestic extension of program students, but you should note that this is reviewed annually.

Step 1
Complete milestones

You must have completed all of the required progress milestones before your application can be considered.

Step 2
Submit application

Applications are completed using the Manage My Degree eForm, via ISIS.

Your request should be based on academic reasons beyond your control, and related to your research rather than reasons of a personal nature (for which program leave could have been taken). However, unusual personal circumstances may be considered.

Each request must include the circumstances that have prevented you from submitting your thesis by the due date, and must include details of your progress towards completion.

Please note, applications must be submitted on or before your program end date, but not normally more than three months ahead of that date.

Step 3
International students requirements

Pay fees

International students resident in Australia for the period of extension are required to pay an international student fee (ISF). This fee is significantly less than the standard program fee, but you should note that it is a fixed fee for six months or any part thereof. The difference between the fee you will be charged and the standard program fee is carried by your area. 

International students who are resident overseas for the period of extension are not required to pay an ISF. You should note that your electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) will be cancelled in this instance.

Renew your eCOE

A new eCoE will be issued once you have paid the fee stated in the letter you receive from your ANU College, and met any other conditions listed in the letter.  

You will be enrolled as an extension of program student when you submit your new visa to Student Central.

Advice to help

International tuition fees,

Advice to help

Update your visa & passport details,

Advice to help

Domestic Students

Step 4
Complete your research

Students on approved extension of program must remain enrolled until their thesis is submitted and are expected to finish up their research and thesis writing as quickly as possible.