Domestic Tuition Fees (DTF)

If you are a Domestic Tuition Fee (DTF) student it means your fees are not being subsidised by the Australian Government and you must pay full tuition fees for your studies. For each of your enrolled sessions you will be required to pay:

  • domestic tuition fees (DTF)
  • services and amenities fee (SA-Fee)

Most domestic graduate and non award students study in a full fee-paying place, due to the limited availability of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) for graduate students. Your offer of admission will indicate if you have been offered a Domestic Tuition Fee (DTF) place or a CSP.

The amount of DTF a student must pay is determined based on the courses in which that student enrols. Each course has a set tuition fee and the total tuition fees for all enrolled courses in a semester or session are totalled and invoiced.

Domestic tuition fees are shown on the fees tab of the relevant course page on the Programs and Courses website.

Students will be issued with an invoice via ISIS for each semester or session they enrol in.  Invoices must be paid by the relevant payment deadline.  Eligible students, who have completed a Commonwealth Assistance form, with outstanding tuition fees after the census date, will have the tuition fees deferred to FEE-HELP.

Domestic students who are required to pay DTF, and meet the citizenship and residency requirements below may defer the part or all of their tuition fees using FEE-HELP. This is where the Australian Government pays tuition fees on your behalf and you pay the amount back through the taxation system or voluntary repayments. To be eligible for FEE-HELP, students must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder (resident in Australia for the duration of your enrolment); or
  • a permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of enrolment; or
  • a New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV) holder who first entered Australia as a dependent child aged under 18 years of age and has been ordinarily a resident in Australia for the previous 10 years (that is, you have been physically present in Australia for at least eight out of the past 10 years) and 18 months out of the last two years at the time of application for the loan.

Note: Some programs have additional compulsory costs, such as field trips, books, and equipment. These are not included in the DTF charge.