Higher Degree Research tuition fees

International students

Below are the published indicative fees or fee range for International students enrolled full-time (48 units) in Higher Degree Research (HDR) programs at the ANU. Fees are charged by course and are based on the discipline of the course. Annual fee costs may vary depending upon the number of units a student is enrolled in or if a student enrols in coursework. For more detailed program specific fees please refer to Programs and Courses  page for the specific program that you are enrolled in or intending to apply for. 

For students holding an Australian Government Research Training Program International Fee Offset scholarship, these fees will reflect the annual value of that scholarship

If an International student is unable to complete their HDR program in 4 years they will be required to apply for a program extension.  If the student is not supported by a fee scholarship for the period of extension (eg. a tuition fee scholarship provided by your College), the student will be required to pay an extension of program fee (as outlined below) which will cover their enrolment for up to 6 months.   

College2023 Annual Fee/Fee Range (in AUD)International Extension of Program Fee
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences $41,030.00 -  $43,790.00   $3,000
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific $41,030.00 -  $49,330.00 $3,000
ANU College of Business & Economics $41,790.00-   $46,680.00 $3,000
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science $49,330.00 $3,000
ANU College of Law $46,680.00 $3,000
ANU College of Health & Medicine $49,330.00 - $54,880.00 $4,000
ANU College of Science $49,330.00 $4,000

Domestic students

The amount of tuition fees for Domestic students enrolled full-time (48 units per year) in Higher Degree Research (HDR) programs at the ANU currently ranges from $41,030 to $54,880 per year. For individual students the amount will be determined by a number of factors including field of research, progress through the degree, tuition fee scholarships, coursework enrolment, enrolment intensity, and the total pool of Higher Degree by Research students at ANU.

Currently all domestic students enrolling in HDR programs at ANU will be awarded an Australian Government Research Training Program Fee Offset scholarship, the fees stated above reflect the annual value of that scholarship.