Mature age students

Support network

As mature age students generally spend less time on campus, we encourage you to develop a network of fellow students who can support you and enhance your enjoyment of university life.

Share coffee, work together, and attend tutorials. Attend Faculty welcomes and activities. If appropriate make a list of fellow students' contact numbers.


This is more achievable in the early weeks of semester.

Contact the ANU Students Association; they produce the Student Survival Guide, with important information about where to find just about anything from catching the bus to student medical services. Keep an eye on Faculty notice boards and Web Pages.

Check out meeting/eating places. Locate your Faculty office. Find a place in a library where you feel comfortable re study.

Time management

Develop a weekly planner for work that needs to be done every week. Involve your family or partner in this process.

Embrace technology

Computer technology is used extensively for teaching, communication and research. For skills update or familiarization with the system contact ANU IT Service Desk web portal.

Realist academic performance goals

Be realistic regarding your academic performance and acknowledge that it may take some time to reconnect with academic skills and expectations.

Communicate with academic staff

Know the rules of your Faculty on academic progress and consult handbooks and online resources. We encourage all students to approach teachers sooner rather than later concerning any difficulties you may be having with your work.

Reward yourself

Celebrate your achievements with family and friends.

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