When you are invited to an interview, the employer has decided you may be suitable for the position, particularly in relation to the skills and experience needed for the role. The interview provides them a chance to also assess your passion and interest in the job and the organisation and how well you will fit into their organisation by getting a sense of how well you could work with their staff and clients. It may be with one person, a panel or a series of people. Second or further interviews are often designed to probe into any areas of doubt, or understand your skills and capabilties more fully. Remember to be well-prepared; be informed about the organisation and the position and prepared to discuss any technical and other skills you may require for the job. Be enthusiastic about the job and articulate why you wish to work for the organisation.

However, interviews are a two-way discussion, and your opportunity to ask questions in-order to find out more about the organisation and whether this is the right role for you.

There are a number of vital aspects to the interview process:

  • Interview preparation
  • Your impression on your interviewer/s
  • Communication-how you answer questions posed to you
  • Asking questions of the interviewer/s.

At ANU you can use make use of InterviewPrep, which allows you to practise your interview skills using the latest video interview simulation software.