Peer writers

Meet the 2019 Peer Writers!

We are currently recruiting for our 2020 team of Peer Writers.

Peer Writing Leader

Sally Davis

I'm really excited about the Peer Writing drop-in sessions this year after a fantastic year in 2018. Being a part of the program has really made me think about everything I've learned over the past four years of my double degree. Being a peer writer means being able to turn our own experiences into useful information for other students. By that I don't mean course specific content, rather sharing genuine advice about study with other students, in any field. Last year the peer writing team helped hundreds of student draft essays, take notes, solve referencing problems and develop study strategies which suited their own learning styles. I hope this year that we can help even more students on all the above in our new drop in location in Marie Reay in Kambri.

Peer Writing Mentors

Our team of four Mentors are experienced and trained to help you with your writing.

Daniel Kang

Hi everyone! I’m Daniel from Singapore. Having arrived in Australia in semester 2 of 2016 straight out of 2 years of military conscription, I’m in my fourth semester of Law (Hons)/Internatioanl relations. I can definitely relate to getting past being overwhelmed by a steep learning curve, and having to face (and thankfully overcome) many worries and stressors. Having said that, you’re always welcome to have a chat about your experience and get tips! I’d love to help with essay writing tips, study advice and revision techniques: but I’d be huge on giving advice for research – especially if you’re doing a social science or Law! Hope to see you around, and I’ll do my best to give some slivers of wisdom!

Claudia Hodge

My name is Claudia and I am in my third year at the ANU, studying a Bachelor of Laws / Arts. I spent the first two years of my time at ANU living on campus and was lucky enough to have worked as an Academic Advisor for my residential college. This position involved giving feedback to students on their written assignments and offering one-on-one tutoring to my peers. Having moved off-campus this year, I am extremely excited to continue this kind of work as a Peer Writer for the Academic Skills Centre. I am looking forward to using my experience to help other students and sharing my passion for writing with the ANU community. 

Laura Courto

I’m Laura and am in my final year of a Master of Archaeological and Evolutionary Science (Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology) degree. I have previously completed two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Musical Arts and a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (Policy & Governance). Although I have been studying for an eon I am not a natural student and I can relate to getting overwhelmed trying to find an effective work-life balance while succeeding academically. Over time I have developed techniques that work for me, and you can too! I’m looking forward to working with the Peer Writing Team to assist fellow students with their assignment writing, referencing and study/revision skills.

Gizem Bilgin

Hello team! I am currently undertaking my Honours in Population Health after studying a research undergraduate in maths and biology. I think you can tackle anything with a good whiteboard and hearty mind-map. Going on exchange to England introduced me to many weird-and-wonderful forms of assessment. So pop by the desk and we can work through any academic endeavour together. I look forward to meeting you all.