Meet the team

Meet the 2021 Peer Writing team!

Peer Writing Mentors

Our team of four Mentors are experienced and trained to help you with your writing.


Hello! My name is Sophia. I am in my fifth year doing a double degree in law and arts (majoring in philosophy). I love rock climbing, learning and cute dogs. Coming from high school, I remember feeling overwhelmed about my university assessments in my first year. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to gain experience in a range of different academic mentoring roles, including in my residential and academic colleges. I am excited to be in a position where I can share my learnings with students who may be in a similar position as I was. 


My name is Will, and I’m in my third year at ANU studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Languages. In addition to my role with the Academic Skills Centre, I’m also an Academic Program Organiser at my college, providing feedback and course content help to my fellow residents, a role that I have also cultivated in my role as a private tutor. I like helping people and giving students more confidence in their work, so I’m really looking forward to my role here in 2020 as a Peer Writer for the Academic Skills Centre.


My name is Avneet and I am in my fourth year of studying the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the ANU. Despite being from Canberra, I found the transition from high school to university a challenge. However, I successfully and very quickly adjusted to studying at the ANU with the support of various mentors on campus. During my time here, I have had the privilege to serve as the Education Director on the Law Students' Society and as a Peer Assisted Learning Mentor for the College of Arts and Social Sciences. These roles have allowed me to give back to the student community at ANU and I am looking forward to further share my experience and love for writing as a Peer Writing Mentor for ANU Academic Skills.

picture of Peer Writer, Will


Hi there! My name is Will Salkeld and I am a second-year student at the ANU studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. While academics is one of my passions, I am also a keen musician and cricket player. Uni can be a huge adjustment for everyone coming in for the first time, but it can truly be the most rewarding experience of your life once you learn the skills of time management and prioritisation. Outside my role as a Peer Writer, I am the Vice-President of the Interhall Arts Committee and an Academic Network Coordinator at Burgmann Culture.

picture of Peer Writer, Nick


My name is Nicholas and I use he/him pronouns. I am in my 4th year of a double degree of Political Science and International Relations, with a minor in German. I come from Grafton, a small rural town along the North Coast of NSW. Moving from Grafton to Canberra involved some massive changes across many aspects of life, and I am excited to share my tips and experience with you as a Peer Writing Mentor. You can always see me studying or chilling around campus, so feel free to come up and say hi!