Meet the team

Meet the 2022 Writing Coaches team!

Domi Dessaix

bio pic of Domi

Hello, I’m Domi. I’m a PhD student in philosophy, though my work intersects with linguistics and psychology too. I’ve lectured and tutored in several courses during my PhD and have always particularly enjoyed the process of helping students clarify their own ideas and write stronger essays. An important part of contemporary philosophy is the concise expression of well-structured arguments, and this is actually what a lot of academic writing is all about! I love giving feedback on the structure and clarity of others’ writing, as well as continually editing my own work. Outside of my PhD, I love nature, novels and Neapolitan pizza.   

Lina Koleilat

Hi, I am Lina. I am in final stages of my PhD. I am an ethnographer and an historian of social movements, protest and resistance in contemporary South Korea. I enjoy walking, reading and writing and drinking lots of tea. English is my third language, so I understand challenges faced by students who have to write in a language that is not their first. I love writing and I look forward to sharing with you some of the study and writing skills I learned during my educational journey. I have tutored and lectured many classes, but in this role I hope to help and support you to reach your writing and study goals.

Jessie Liu

photo of Jessie

Hi, I’m Jessie. I’m a PhD student in Sociology, looking at the daigou trade between China and Australia. I love teaching Sociology and working with students to ‘denaturalise’ the taken for granted aspects of our world that feel ‘natural’ to us. As someone who has previously struggled with writing, it has taken me many years to develop the confidence and skills to write clearly, concisely, and logically (and even then, I have days where I struggle!). I love sharing and helping students develop these skills in and out the classroom. When not doing my PhD, I like sewing, making bread, and watching films and TV shows. 

Louisa Talipski

Hi! I’m Louisa, and I’m in the final year of my PhD in psychology. One of the best parts of being a PhD student at the ANU is having the opportunity to tutor; over the years, I’ve enjoyed teaching students the skills they need to become self-sufficient learners, and seeing that “lightbulb” moment occur when they’ve solved a problem on their own. In my spare time, I love running, watching horror movies, and trying new recipes (regardless of the outcome…).