CCTV collection notice

The Australian Nation University (ANU) operates a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, which includes cameras that are fixed at various locations around ANU land and buildings. This includes the Acton Campus and other ANU sites (e.g. Mt Stromlo Observatory, Kioloa Coastal Campus and Siding Spring Observatory). Fixed CCTV cameras are in use twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week.

Personal information collected via CCTV

By entering ANU Acton Campus, or other ANU sites, your personal information, being your personal image, may be captured by CCTV cameras. If you drive your vehicle onto campus, your car registration number may also be collected. The ANU only collects images on camera and no sound or voice is recorded. By entering the ANU campus and sites, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, in accordance with this collection notice. 

Notification of CCTV operation

In addition to this collection notice, signage advising of the use of CCTV footage is located on ANU buildings.

Use of CCTV footage

ANU collects personal information through the CCTV system:

  • to enhance and ensure the safety and security of the staff, students and visitors on land or buildings which the ANU occupies, uses or controls;
  • to prevent or respond to critical incidents or security incidents on campus;
  • to protect, and minimise the risk of access by unauthorised persons, to ANU premises or facilities;
  • for investigative or legal purposes, including for investigations in accordance with ANU statutes, rules, policies and procedures and investigations into student conduct matters;
  • for planning, prevention, response or recovery from a serious incident or crisis; and
  • for recording details of access to ANU premises or facilities, including the identity of individuals and time of access.

Access to CCTV footage

CCTV footage and images will be accessed by relevant staff members in accordance with their roles and responsibilities, as set out in ANU policies and procedures, including but not limited to staff in the ANU security team and Facilities and Services Division.

Disclosure of CCTV footage

The ANU will disclose CCTV footage, as required by law. This may include the disclosure of your personal information to law enforcement agencies. In some cases, the ANU may make relevant CCTV footage available to other third-parties. All requests for CCTV footage will be managed in accordance with the Access to ANU CCTV footage procedure and ANU Privacy Policy.

Storage and retention of CCTV footage

The ANU uses reasonable safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Access to the ANU CCTV system is restricted and is only accessible by approved staff, to be used for the purpose it was collected. All CCTV footage is stored on a secure server for 28 days, unless it is necessary to retain the footage for compliance with ANU policy, legislation or a legal directive. 

Complaints or concerns

The ANU Privacy Policy provides information on how individuals may access their personal information or seek the correction of this information.Privacy complaints or concerns in relation to the collection and use of CCTV footage can be made in accordance with the ANU Privacy Policy. All privacy complaints should be made in writing to