Why has ANU changed its admission process?

We have changed our admissions process because we want ANU to be home to the very best students. We want our student population to reflect the diversity around Australia, our region and the rest of the world. And we believe that your educational experience at ANU will be enriched by being surrounded by peers from many different backgrounds and countries, with different life experiences and perspectives. 

Introducing a competitive ranking system to our admissions process that also takes your home country into account, will help us to further enrich our diverse and vibrant community and the educational experience we offer.


What are the key changes to admissions and what do they mean?

The key changes to our admissions process are:

  • Two student intakes each year with up to three selection rounds per intake
  • A new competitive ranking process to identify the very best students from Australia and overseas
  • All applicants must meet English language requirements by the application deadline
  • Offers will be released at set intervals.

These changes will help us keep our student numbers down so that we can continue to provide the outstanding personalised educational experience we're known for, while the competitive ranking process will help us make studying at ANU a reality for the best and brightest students from Australia and around the world.


Will all degree programs be included in the new process?

No. For the 2021 student intake, entry to some programs will not be assessed through the new process, please refer to Option 2 on the International applications page for further information. If you want to apply for one of these programs, you'll be assessed as outlined in the existing ANU policy. This means you won't be ranked on a competitive basis, but by meeting only the minimum requirements for entry.


When can students apply under the new process?

Applications for most degree programs at ANU are open now. Check if your preferred program is open.


How will applicants be assessed?

You can find more detailed information about our new assessment process here.


Will applicants be notified of outcomes?

Yes. We will keep you up-to-date about the status of your application throughout the assessment process


What happens when an applicant has met the minimum requirements of a degree program?

If you pass our Eligibility Check and meet the minimum requirements for your preferred program, you will move to the Ranking stage. You will be ranked against all other eligible applicants to your preferred program. We will notify you about the outcome of your application and if successful, you will receive an offer to study at ANU with details on how to accept your offer.


Can a student apply if they have not met English language requirements?

Yes, however you must meet the English Language requirements by the application deadline of the round you would like to be considered in. Remember, if you apply and provide complete documentation in the first round of an intake, you have up to three opportunities to be assessed giving you the best chance of receiving an offer to study at ANU. So do try and apply early if you can.


How should students complete English language requirements as part of their application?

You must provide evidence that you meet the minimum English language requirements when you apply to study at ANU. Select tests or preparatory programs that will provide your results in time for the relevant admissions round deadlines.


Can students apply to study postgraduate courses at ANU while they are completing an undergraduate degree?

Yes. If students have completed five of their six semesters in a three-year degree or seven of their eight semesters in a four-year degree, they can apply to ANU. Final enrolment will be subject to successful completion of their degree. Please refer to Programs & Courses for specific program requirements.


Can students apply to study an undergraduate degree while completing their final year in high school?

Yes, but international applicants applying for undergraduate degree programs will need to provide their final results from an accepted high school qualification to be eligible for ranking.


Can students apply to study an undergraduate degree if they have undertaken other post-secondary studies (i.e. vocational education and training (VET) or tertiary studies)?

Yes. We will accept these qualifications:

  • An Australian year 12 qualification or international equivalent
  • A completed Associate Diploma, Associate Degree, AQF Diploma, Diploma, AQF Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate or international equivalent
  • At least one standard full-time year (1.0 FTE) in a single program of degree level study at an Australian higher education institution or international equivalent
  • An approved tertiary preparation course unless subsequent study is undertaken.

Can a student who has met the minimum requirements but missed out on a place re-apply?

Yes. This hasn't changed. You can re-apply to ANU multiple times.


Can successful applicants defer an offer to study at ANU?

No. If you receive an offer to study at ANU but are unable to take up your place, we encourage you to change your intake when the next available change of preference window opens.


Will agents be able to submit applications on behalf of applicants?

Yes. An agent application system is available, please click here for further details.


How will sponsored or scholarship-funded students' applications be assessed?

There is no change to how we assess applications for sponsored or scholarship-funded students to ANU. If you are a sponsored or scholarship-funded student, you will be assessed under the existing ANU policy. 


How will continuing ANU students' applications be assessed?

Continuing ANU students applying for a program in any of the following faculties will be assessed separately to external applicants:

  • Arts, Society & Culture
  • Engineering & Computer Science
  • Health & Medical Studies
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Natural, Physical & Environmental Sciences

Due to high demand, programs that do not fall under the above mentioned faculties will be competitively ranked against external candidates applying for the same program. You are considered to be a continuing ANU student if, you complete one ANU program and apply to commence another ANU program in the next available intake. For example, you complete a Bachelor's program in Semester 2, 2020 and will be applying for a Master's program in Semester 1, 2021.


Where can students and agents go for more information?

Everyone can contact the ANU Future Students team for more information about the ANU admissions process. We're looking forward to hearing from you.