We understand that when you apply to study at ANU, you will be both nervous and excited to know how your application is progressing.

We assess your application in a three-stage process and keep you up-to-date throughout. We make sure you know what stage your application is at, and any next steps you need to take.   

Stage 1 - Eligibility Check

After you submit your application, we complete an Eligibility Check. We check to see that you meet the minimum admission requirements to study at ANU.

Minimum admission requirements

International Undergraduate

  1. To be admitted to an undergraduate coursework degree, you need to meet the University's minimum academic requirement through your senior secondary studies, or after having completed one year of an Australian Bachelor Degree or other qualification accepted by ANU as comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree as per the Australian Qualification Framework.
  2. Make sure you have checked the International Academic Entry Requirements for your preferred program. Some programs have additional entry requirements such as prerequisites or portfolios.
  3. You must meet the University's English language requirements to be assessed.

International Postgraduate

  1. To be admitted to a postgraduate coursework degree, you need to already hold or be about to complete an Australian Bachelor Degree or other qualification accepted by ANU as comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree as per the Australian Qualification Framework.
  2. Some programs may have specific requirements. You can check the requirements for your preferred program, including pre-requisites, cognate requirements and work experience via the Programs & Courses website.
  3. You must meet the University's English language requirements in order to be assessed.

Eligibility Check outcomes

Once we complete your Eligibility Check, we let you know the outcome straight away. There are four possible outcomes you could receive: 

1. Your application is incomplete

If you did not provide all the documents we asked for, we notify you and give you an opportunity to send the missing documents to us so that we can complete your Eligibility Check. You will have until the application deadline to do this.

2. You are ineligible for admission to ANU

If you don't meet our minimum admission requirements for entry to ANU, we notify you that you are ineligible to apply and will not continue to the Ranking stage. We encourage you to work on your English language skills or academic grades, and to try and apply to ANU again in the future. 

3. You are ineligible for your preferred program

If you don't meet the minimum requirements for your preferred program, we notify you and give you an opportunity to preference a different program with lower entry requirements. You will have until the application deadline to do this.

4. Your application is complete

If you meet all of the minimum requirements, including for your preferred program, we notify you that your application is going through to the Ranking stage. 

Stage 2 - Ranking

You've passed our Eligibility Check and are through to the next stage when we rank your application against others' applying for the same program in the same round.

Assessment criteria

We will use these criteria to assess your application:

GPA or Selection Rank

Undergraduate programs

We use your academic qualification or sequence of study to give you an ANU Selection Rank out of 99.95. Your ANU Selection Rank is used to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for your preferred ANU program.

Undergraduate programs - predicted results

If you're applying to one of our undergraduate programs and are currently completing the GCE A Levels or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, you can apply directly to us using your predicted results. If you're a school leaver completing the IB diploma, we recommended you apply though the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can apply to any of our undergraduate programs that have a minimum requirement of 94 or below
  • If you're a school leaver who has completed the IB diploma, you'll be considered for adjustment factors only if you apply through UAC
  • If final results are available, you must apply using those results

If you do use your predicted results to support your application your predicted results must be on official school letterhead and in the same format as the final results and must include:

  • the date of issue of the letter;
  • your expected graduation date;
  • the expected date of release of official results;
  • the predicted result for each subject undertaken, and,
  • be signed by the school principal, registrar or equivalent.

Your predicted results must be issued as close as is possible to when you submit your application and, where possible include an up to date school report detailing your academic results to date.

Postgraduate programs

ANU uses a 7-point Grade Point Average (GPA) scale. All qualifications submitted for admission at ANU are converted to this common scale. This GPA will determine if you meet our published admission requirements.

We understand that depending on the time that you apply to ANU, you may not have completed the final semester of your prior study. To make sure that you and all other candidates are fairly assessed, we exclude your final semester when we calculate your GPA. What does this mean?

  • We will consider your GPA for the first seven semesters of an eight semester program (excluding the final semester).
  • We will consider your results for the first five semesters of a six semester program (excluding the final semester).

Do be aware that your enrolment at ANU will be conditional on you successfully completing your program which includes your final semester. Successful completion means being awarded your degree (or equivalent).

Diversity factors

We want ANU to be home to the very best students, and to reflect the diversity of Australia, our region and the world. Your educational experience at ANU will be greatly enriched when you are surrounded by classmates from many different backgrounds and countries, with different life experiences and perspectives. 

To further enhance diversity and your educational experience at ANU, we may adjust candidate rankings so that studying at ANU can be a reality for brilliant students from across the globe. 

To achieve this, we allocate positions equally to applicants from these groups, provided that everyone meets the minimum admission requirements for their preferred program, and meet the University's English language requirements.

  • East Asian countries
  • European countries
  • North American countries
  • South Asian countries
  • South Eastern Asia countries
  • Rest of the world

Advice for continuing ANU students

Continuing ANU students applying for a program in any of the following faculties will be assessed separately to external applicants:

  • Arts, Society & Culture
  • Engineering & Computer Science
  • Health & Medical Studies
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Natural, Physical & Environmental Sciences

Due to high demand, programs that do not fall under the above mentioned faculties will be competitively ranked against external candidates applying for the same program.

You are considered to be a continuing ANU student if, you complete one ANU program and apply to commence another ANU program in the next available intake. For example, you complete a Bachelor's program in Semester 2, 2019 and will be applying for a Master's program in Semester 1, 2020.

Managing ties

International Undergraduate

As an International Undergraduate applicant, if you share a Selection Rank with one or more other candidates, we will use your English language competency score to break the tie and confirm your ranking.

International Postgraduate

For International Postgraduate applicants with the same GPA, your performance in your last two completed semesters may be used to confirm your ranking. If there is still a tie, your English language competency score is used to break the tie and confirm your ranking.

Changing preferences

You can only apply for a single program under our new admissions process. However, you can change your preferred program once before the application deadline closes. 

Semester 2, 2020

  • Round 3 change your preference 30 April - 18 May 2020

Semester 1, 2021

  • Round 1 change your preference 24 June - 30 June 2020
  • Round 2 change your preference 24 August - 31 August 2020
  • Round 3 change your preference 13 November - 16 November 2020

Stage 3 - Outcomes & offers

Your results are in and you find out if your application to study at ANU is successful. We tell you how to accept your offer, or how to re-apply for a future intake if you missed out on a place this time.

Ranking assessment outcomes

1. Successful

If you are successful in any of the three rounds of an intake, you will receive an offer to study at ANU. 

2. Waitlisted

If you miss out on receiving an offer in the current round, we notify you to let you know that you have been placed on a waitlist and will be re-assessed in the next round. Remember, if you apply in the first round of an intake, you have up to three opportunities to be assessed giving you the best chance of receiving an offer to study at ANU. So do try and apply early if you can.

3. Unsuccessful

If you are unsuccessful, we will notify you after the third round closes in each intake. You will not receive an offer to study at ANU, but you are free to re-apply to ANU in a future intake.


If you receive an offer to study at ANU - congratulations! Your Letter of Offer will give you a date by which you need to accept your offer. Remember to accept your offer on time - if you don't, it's most likely your offer will be made void and you'll have to apply again at another time.

Also be aware that you cannot defer your offer to study at ANU. If you can't take up your place, you will need to re-apply at a more suitable time.