Cost of making an FOI request

There is no application fee for lodging an FOI request with ANU. There may be costs associated with the processing of an applicant's request. ANU endeavours to keep the cost to the applicant at a minimum and inform them as soon as possible of any associated charges.

Fee schedule

Activity itemCost
Search & retrievaltime spent searching or retrieving documents$15.00 per hour
Decision making: time spent deciding to grant or refuse a request.

First 5 hours = nil cost

Subsequent hours = $20 per hour

Electronic production: retrieving and collating information stored on a computer or on like equipment.Actual cost incurred
Transcript: preparing a transcript from a sound recording, shorthand or similar medium.$4.40 per page of transcript
Photocopy: a photocopy of a written document.$0.10 per page
Other copiesa copy of a written document other than a photocopy.$4.40 per page
Replay: replaying a sound or film tape.Actual cost incurred
Inspectionsupervision by an agency officer of an applicant's inspection of documents or hearing or viewing an audio or visual recording.$6.25 per half hour
Delivery: posting or delivering a copy of a document at the applicant's request.Cost of postage /delivery

Remission of FOI fees

An FOI applicant notified of charges has the right to request remittance or a reduction in the charges.

Remittance or reduction can be requested on the following grounds:

  • wrongly assessed - the applicant must provide reasons for contending that the charge has been wrongly assessed

  • financial hardship - the payment of the charge would cause financial hardship to the applicant. Sending supporting evidence is recommended when requesting remission on this basis. Any information supplied will be used solely to assess the validity of remission or reduction claims

  • public interest - providing access to the documents would be in the interest of the general public.

When requesting remittance of the fees it will improve the likelihood of the request for remission being accepted if evidence or reasoning is supplied supporting the claims.

Some factors to consider when requesting remittance on the grounds of public interest are:

  • public debate - the documents relate to a matter of public debate or policy issue under discussion within ANU and disclosure of the documents would assist public comment or participation in the debate or discussion

  • agency decision - the documents relate to an ANU decision that has been a topic of public interest or discussion and release of the document would better inform the public on how or why the decision was made

  • published research - the documents are to be used by a researcher in research that is to be widely published or that complements research being undertaken in an agency or elsewhere in the research community

  • parliamentary submissions - the documents are to be used by a community or non-profit organisation in preparing a submission to a parliamentary or government inquiry. Examples include, law reform, social justice, civil liberties, environmental protection issues etc

  • member of Parliament - the documents are to be used by a member of Parliament in a parliamentary or public debate on an issue of public interest or general interest in the member's electorate

  • journalist - the documents are to be used by a journalist preparing a story for publication that is likely to be of general public interest.