James Connolly BAS ‘18, LLB '19

2019 Student Volunteer of the Year (Undergraduate)
22 Mar 2019

You will only be able to make a positive difference by taking initiative in spaces where people haven’t gone before.

2019 Student Volunteer of the Year (Undergraduate)

James has been awarded the 2019 Student Volunteer of the Year (Undergraduate) Award for his work and advocacy in creating a safer and more supportive University campus.

Join us for the first inaugural Welcome Back alumni weekend and celebrate our incredible alumni community.

Welcome Back: Alumni Weekend

This weekend is about giving our alumni the chance to revisit campus, see the many changes, and share some fun experiences with friends and family.

The first in what will become an annual tradition, this weekend is all about shaping the best possible alumni community for you.

Celebrate our incredible ANU alumni, students and researchers at the annual ANU Alumni Awards, which will be held on campus for the first time.

Discover campus by taking part in the weekend activities. Sign up for a Kambri tour and see the incredible new precinct that replaces old Union Court, or sign up for the Aboriginal Heritage Trail Walk to explore the rich historical significance of the Acton campus. Spend Sunday walking around our beautiful bush campus to show your family and friends your favourite places.

Connect with other alumni at one of our many events including the Women's Network Launch, Alumni drinks or the Golden Graduates' Reunion Lunch.

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