Inspirational ANU Women - Molly Huxley

Molly Huxley was a pioneering historian at ANU with a diplomatic knack for breaking down barriers between colleagues.

The Molly Huxley Building is located in the University House Precinct and was constructed as the gatehouse to University House in 1964. Ella Mary (Molly) Huxley studied history at Oxford University and later became the first lecturer in British History at the ANU. She was married to Leonard Huxley, Vice-Chancellor of the ANU from 1960-1967, and played a key social role in breaking down divisions between staff when ANU amalgamated with Canberra University College.  

Howard Liu recalls in ANU Reporter: "I was the first Hong Kong undergraduate to graduate from ANU in 1961. While at ANU, it was a privilege to befriend Lady Molly Huxley. From 1964, I was employed by the Department of Economics. Without [Lady Huxley's] behind-the-scenes lobbying, I would not have been able to fast-track my immigration status from a stateless studentship to Australian citizenship in 1966. Forever grateful, whenever I approach the Molly Huxley Room in University House, I perform a kowtow ritual. Passers-by find my behaviour very strange indeed."


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