Inspirational ANU Women - Coral Bell

Coral Bell was one of Australia's most distinguished analysts of international politics who broke down barriers for women in international relations.

The Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs is located in the Hedley Bull Building and is home to the world's foremost collection of expertise in the politics and international affairs of Asia and the Pacific.  Dr Coral Bell AO (1923-2012) was an internationally renowned scholar and leading analyst of international relations who broke down barriers for women in foreign affairs. Dr Bell's focus was on the big issues: war and peace, the avoidance of nuclear war, great power relationships, alliances, and global and regional security architecture. Her ideas had a direct and lasting impact on policy debate, particularly during the Cold War and immediately after.

In The Lowy Interpreter, Minh Bui Jones wrote of Dr Bell:

"Through her writing she explained the chaos of international events and human affairs in simple and clear language to her baffled compatriots. For the rest of the world, she brought an antipodean temperament and perspective to the great questions of our time; she was our George Kennan in thick glasses, blue floral dress, white sneakers and a string of pearls.


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