2023 Alumnus of the Year: HE the Hon Dr Kevin Rudd AC

BA (Asian Studies) (Hons) ’81, HonLLD ’16
27 Nov 2023

2023 Alumnus of the Year

HE the Hon Dr Kevin Rudd AC (BA (Asian Studies) (Hons) ’81, HonLLD ’16), is our 2023 ANU Alumnus of the Year for his unparalleled dedication to diplomacy, exceptional leadership in global governance and commitment to fostering international cooperation and progress.
As our nation's 26th Prime Minister, Dr Rudd, led a transformative government. In addition to steering Australia through the global financial crisis, his government made great strides on climate action, indigenous reconciliation, broadband access, disability insurance and education. His tireless efforts in these areas have left a lasting impression on Australian society, inspiring individuals to engage in civic discourse and drive positive change.
Furthermore, Dr Rudd has made substantial contributions to academia, most notably as an expert and leading analyst on China. His intellectual rigor and deep understanding of international relations have earned him respect and recognition as a thought leader. He consistently demonstrates his commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on key global issues through his publications and engagements as a visiting fellow at prestigious institutions.
His foundation in international affairs, built during his time at ANU, continues to shape his 2023 appointment as Australia's Ambassador to the United States.
Dr Rudd’s advice; “once you're out into the world, understand that whatever that you've learned at university, whatever you've learned in the halls of the Australian National University, that's the foundation of knowledge. The challenge for the future is to continue to renew your knowledge. Life and work is about a process of continuing education.”


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