Academic transcripts (My eQuals)

Your Academic Transcript is a complete, official record of your enrolment at ANU. It lists each of the courses you have taken, the grades you have received, your grade point average and program status.

Your academic transcript can be used as evidence of achievement for employment purposes or applications for further education.

How to order an electronic academic transcript

Alumni graduating from 1998 onward can purchase an electronic transcript through ISIS.

You can access ISIS through your alumni account which provides a lifelong email address in the form of If you do not have an alumni account and graduated between 1998 and December 2014, please log a ticket through the Service Desk community support request form to activate your alumni account. Please include your full name at graduation, your date of birth, your degree, and your student ID number if known.

For alumni who graduated in December 2014 and onwards, you already have an alumni account.  To reset your password, with ANU IT Services, please log a ticket through the Service Desk community support request form or call +61 2 6125 4321 and follow the prompts.

Once logged into ISIS, an electronic academic transcript can be requested by:

  • Using the 'request a transcript' button on your ISIS homepage, or
  • Clicking the NavBar (compass icon) then Navigator > ISIS > Personal Details > Academic Records > Request a Transcript

You'll then get an email with instructions for accessing and sharing your electronic transcript on My eQuals through your ANU email account, and can share directly with third parties (e.g. employers or other institutions) via My eQuals. This is considered an official, certified copy of your Academic Transcript.

Persons graduating before 1998 must email Student Central before requesting an Academic Transcript. This email must include a photo of your driver's licence, passport or a similar document and your student ID number if known. Enrolment information from this period may be archived and can take up to 21 days to be recalled.

More information on how to obtain an official University transcript is available here.

Other graduation documents

The testamur is the formal certification of your award and includes the University seal and signatures of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. If you require a replacement Testamur, please follow the instructions outlined on this webpage.


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