Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee is a Committee of Council. The Committee provides advice and makes recommendations to the Council on proposals for the awarding of an honorary degree and honorific naming by the University. The Committee operates under a charter, as approved by the Council.


CategoryMemberTerm expiry
Chancellor The Hon Julie Bishop Ex-officio
Pro-Chancellor Ms Naomi Flutter Ex-officio
Vice-Chancellor Professor Genevieve BellEx-officio
Chair, Campus Planning Committee Dr Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AMEx-officio
Up to two other members of Council who are not students or employees of the University Ms Tanya Hosch 30 Jun 2024
One Deputy Vice-Chancellor appointed by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Grady Venville
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
19 Jul 2025
One member of the academic staff drawn from the ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics, the ANU College of Health & Medicine, or the ANU College of Science Professor Daniel MacDonald 30 Jun 2025
One member of the academic staff drawn from the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, the ANU College of Business and Economics, or the ANU College of Law Professor Li Narangoa 30 Jun 2025
Either the undergraduate or postgraduate student member of Council, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with both members Mr Edan Habel30 Nov 2024


Date & LocationDeadlines
Thursday 13 Jun, 5.00 pm
Agenda deadline
30 May
Thursday 05 Dec, 5.00 pm
Agenda deadline
21 Nov