Halloween x Final Stress Relief Sports Activity

10 November 2021

As the final examination days approaching, students are facing tremendous stress more than ever. ANU China study hubs organized some Halloween-themed stress relief sports session to alleviate students' pressure last week, which received students favor and credits.


Halloween x Final stress relief sports activity

On 28 October, Shenzhen study hub invited professional boxing expert to guide  students to do the boxing exercise to release students' pressure during the final examination period. After that, the Halloween movie night was followed and students were invited to watch movies and share free pizza with other students.

Halloween x Final stress relief sports activity

On 29 October, Chendu study hub invited students to participate in the bowling billiard ball and tosophily sports activities. The hub manager Liz ZENG shared that students were more than stressed during the final examination period and the sports activity distracted students' pressured minds away. She further explained: 

"Being together is of paramount importance for students especially during the finals. We aim to encourage students to participate in the sports activities so that students can not only get some physical and mind relief, but they can also have opportunity to join the ANU community and share their stress or feelings to other students. We hope that students can thus get to know that they are not alone and we are always here to help."

Halloween x Final stress relief sports activity

On 31 October, Shanghai study hub invited Australian native sports expert to teach students to play the lawnbowls. The hub manager Wendy explained how Shanghai study hub aimed to assist students to go through the tough time during finals:

"We understand that students are facing tremendous pressures during finals, and we are keen to help students. When the finals encounters Halloween, some flush of ideas come to our mind and we held the Halloween theme sports activity. Therefore, we study hub not only provide students with the opportunity to play Aussie sports games, but we also prepare some Halloween hats, makeups and clothes so that students can be more engaged into the holiday ambiance and therefore get some relief during finals."