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The Australian National University's China Liaison Office (CLO) works to secure strong relationships in China across multiple research partnerships, alumni relations and industry engagement. Keep-up-to-date here with the Office's activities and opportunities.

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About CLO

ANU holds deep and multi-faceted relationships and partnerships in China and is already one of the world’s largest centres for research on China, outside China.

ANU China Study Hubs

ANU CLO launched local study hubs in Mainland China since Aug 2020. The hubs in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu provide ongoing support to China-based students studying remotely.

Partnerships in China

China is the Australian National University’s fourth largest overseas research collaborator (by publication volume) and has fostered key strategic research collaborations.

Student opportunities in China

CLO supports a number of undergraduate and post-graduate exchnage, fellowship and internship programs.

ANU China Apprenticeship Scheme ACAS 澳大利亚国立大学中国英才计划

ANU China Centre initiated the ‘ANU China Apprenticeship Scheme (ACAS)’ in March 2022 to serve ANU students and leading enterprises for best experience of student employability.


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Nancy YU
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Sunny LI
Student Engagement Manager
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Office manager
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Joanna TAN
Regional Manager, China (International Student Recruitment)
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Jessie ZHAO
China Employability & Industry Liaison Officer, ANU College of Business & Economics
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