Roll of honour

ANU recognises the exceptional scholarship, citizenship or services of our friends, partners and mentors. The University also bestows emeritus and honorary titles on staff and supporters who have contributed notably to the University.

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows are distinguished staff members (academic and general) who have not been Professors but who are deemed to have made a distinguished contribution to the University deserving of recognition.
  • John Douglas Fitz Gerald (1980–2011)
  • Robert Gingold (1981–2007)
  • Ronald James May (1972–2004)
  • Colin Robert Steele (1976–2003)
  • Dr David Christopher Happold (1976–1997)

Honorary University Fellows

Honorary University Fellows are people who have not been staff members but who are deemed to have given significant meritorious service to the University.
  • Ian Francis Grigg

Honorary graduates

Here you can browse through our list of honorary graduates and learn about their distinguished achievements.

Award key

  • HonLittD: Honorary Doctor of Letters
  • HonMA: Honorary Master of Arts
  • HonLLD: Honorary Doctor of Laws
  • HonMSc: Honorary Master of Science
  • HonDSc: Honorary Doctor of Science
  • HonDUniv: Honorary Doctor of the University


    Emeritus Professor Raymond William Firth HonLittD
    Herbert Cole Coombs HonLLD
    The Rt. Hon. Lord Casey HonLLD


    The Rt. Hon. Lord Todd HonDSc
    Dr Francis Noble Ratcliff HonDSc
    Emeritus Professor Sir Mark Laurance Edwin Oliphant HonDSc
    Dr Sidney Nolan HonLLD
    Emeritus Professor Sir William Keith Hancock HonLittD


    Sir Douglas Berry Copland HonLLD


    The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Gordon Menzies HonLLD


    The Rt. Hon. Sir Owen Dixon HonLLD
    The Hon. John Johnstone Dedman HonLLD


    Jan Hendrick Oort HonDSc
    Victor Amazapovich Ambartsumian HonDSc
    Professor Thomas Macfarland Cherry HonDSc


    Sir William Hudson HonLLD


    Sir Rudolf Albert Peters HonDSc
    Dr Joseph Lade Pawsey HonDSc


    Sir Leslie Harold Martin HonDSc
    Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean HonLLD


    Sir Norman Gregg HonDSc
    The Rt. Hon. Lord Howard Florey HonDSc
    The Rt. Hon. Harold MacMillan HonLLD


    Dr Hedley Ralph Marston HonDSc
    Sir Albert Cherbury David Rivett HonLLD
    Sir Daryl Lindsay HonLLD


    Sir John Douglas Cockcroft HonDSc
    The Rt. Hon. Viscount Bruce of Melbourne HonLLD


    Sir Robert Randolph Garran HonLLD