ANU Student Research Conference

The 2023 Student Research Conference has concluded.
Thank you to all of our student presenters, keynote and guest speakers, attendees and volunteers!

About the Conference

SRC is the Australian National University's undergraduate, honours and Masters by coursework conference. SRC is an annual event and is a proudly multidisciplinary conference open to ANU students from all academic disciplines and all levels of coursework study (1000-4000 level courses, and 6000-8000 level courses).

SRC is a welcoming and supportive program that especially welcomes early year undergraduate students, first-time presenters and students interested in building transferable skills such as written and oral communicating with broad audiences, public speaking, responding to feedback and networking with students and academic staff from a wide range of academic discipline.

Want to get involved as a Student Presenter?

Student Presenter applications for 2024 open soon.

Pathway to presenting

  • April: Attend an optional SRC Abstract Writing workshop. 
  • June: Submit a 250 word abstract for research you've already completed as part of your coursework at ANU. 
  • July: Receive feedback on your abstract, including an opportunity to respond to feedback through a resubmission. 
  • August: Attend optional pre-Conference photography to receive a free professional headshot, and have it displayed in the Conference Program. 
  • August: Attend optional pre-Conference skills workshops to build your presentation skills. 
  • August-September: Meet other presenters at optional pre-Conference networking events. 
  • September: See your abstract published in the official Conference program, and present your research to the ANU community!

Making a submission to the ANU Student Research Conference:

  • Is free to all coursework students.
  • Includes a range of exclusive skills development and social opportunities throughout the year.
  • Is ideal for first time presenters, and first or second year undergraduates, as well as Honours students, as well as more experienced presenters.

Events, support and resources

A range of pre-Conference events are available to students. All events are free and open to all student presenters. View and register for events at the SRC Eventbrite webpage.

The ANU Academic Skills team is available to provide individualised feeedback and support to all student presenters, subject to appointment availability. Book here.

ANU Student Research Conference also provides a range of resources to support you throughout the student presenter pathway:

  • 2024 Abstract Submission Guidelines (coming soon)
  • 2024 Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation Criteria (forthcoming) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a first-year student, am I eligible to present?

Yes! SRC welcomes presenters from all stages of their studies. To present at the Conference, first-year students will need to submit a summary of an assignment completed while at ANU, according to these guidelines. 

Do I have to pay to participate?

There is no cost associated with participating in the Student Research Conference. All support, events and Conference attendance are free for all ANU students and staff. The Conference is funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Learn more about SSAF here.

Does the Conference theme have an impact on my abstract and presentation?

The Conference theme has no impact on your abstract or presentation, and you are not required to explicitly address the theme. Equally, you are free to use the theme to reflect on the contributions or significance of your work, to frame and invite discussion.

I've received a nomination to participate, what are my next steps?

Congratulations! The next step is to prepare and submit an abstract according to the abstract submission guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to

What does the Conference normally look like?

The Conference is a multi-day event, which includes student presentations, events, meals and a range of other opportunities to learn and connect. The main audience is student presenters (both undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) and their friends, family and other supporters, as well as professional staff from across the University. Conference attendance is free and open to all members of the ANU community, though registration is essential.

Do I have to be available for the whole conference?

No. As a student presenter, the only compulsory attendance requirement is the session in which you are presenting. You are expected to attend for the duration of the whole presentation session (approx. 60-90 minutes), and you will be advised about your session time in advance. While you are encouraged to attend other events at the Conference, these are not compulsory.

Is the Conference hybrid? Can I present remotely?

The Conference is an in-person conference with no hybrid or remote options for presenting or attending. This is to provide a high-quality experience for those attending, including program-related merchandise, audio-visual resources, and catering.

What pre-Conference support is available to presenters?

Pre-Conference support includes a range of workshops, events and other opportunities to build practical skills needed to prepare and give your presentation, connect with fellow presenters, and be recognised for the achievement of presenting at the Conference.

What recognition is provided for participation?

As a student presenter, you will receive an official ANU certificate of participation, which is typically presenter by a member of the University executive staff. In each presentation category (undergraduate, Honours, and Masters by Coursework), the highest scoring presentation receives $500 and the runners up receive $300.

Want to get involved as a Co-Designer?

About the opportunity

Interested in joining a multidisciplinary community of students and staff, and playing a part in delivering the ANU Student Research Conference? Keen to get experience in event design and graphic design in a supportive environment? 

The Collaborative Design Team is a group of full time staff, student casual staff and student volunteers who work together throughout the year to put together the program of Conference events- as well as the graphic designs to promote them.

What is collaborative design?

"The charm of SRC lies in student[s]... coming together with Student life staff to build the platform for student researchers to build their research presentation skills and confidence." 

- Shaam Gupta, 2022 Student Co-Designer

Collaborative design provides time, space and resources for students and staff to work meaningfully together to design, develop and deliver programs and services (such as the ANU Student Research Conference). Students and staff learn from each other and the wider ANU community, use visual and creative methods to explore different possibilities, and test ideas with the ANU community before delivering them. Our emphasis is on building events and graphics that are genuinely interesting and meaningful for the students they serve.

Employment opportunities

Applications for student casual stafff in the Collaborative Design Team are currently closed. Available roles will be advertised by the ANU Jobs website.

Volunteer opportunities

Applications for student volunteers in the Collaborative Design Team are currently closed. Available volunteer roles will be advertised via the ANU+ internal volunteering database.

Volunteering with SRC is eligible for recognition in the ANU+ Award program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the eligibility requirements for the co-design team?

All currently enrolled ANU students are eligible to apply for both the paid and volunteer co-design opportunities.

What is the approximate time commitment?

The time commitment for paid staff varies from year-to-year based on the project. In general, staff can expect to spend approximately 60 hours on the project over 6-8 months, including participation in development and up-skilling opportunities.

There are a number of different volunteer opportunities available to ANU students, which range from one to six hours in duration (inclusive of breaks). Volunteering with SRC is eligible for recognition in the ANU+ Award program.

Meet the 2023 Student Research Conference organising committee

Alumni of the ANU Student Research Conference program include student co-designers (volunteers and paid staff) and student presenters.

Shout out to our 2023 Student Research Conference Volunteers:

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Our volunteers have been an integral part of the planning and delivery of the Conference. Volunteers have loaned their skills and enthusiasm to us in order for us to deliver the program.

All volunteer hours contributed to the Student Research Conference are eligible for recognition for the ANU+ award.

Natasha Tareen, SRC Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is Natasha Tareen, and I am a fourth year Business and Administration and Design student at ANU. I was involved in designing graphics for the Conference in 2022, and am so privileged to be contributing again this year. Getting the opportunity to work with a team to produce the most optimal solution for the Conference deeply aligns with the passion I have for continuing to create, alongside others with incredibly valuable insight. Outside of ANU, I love doing freelance branding and design work, and am currently building up an exhibition with the Everything I Am Not collective. I also love Nanoblocks and henna!

Amelie Cahill, SRC Program Support Officer

Hello! My name is Amelie Cahill, and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and am just about to complete my Honours year. I have been involved in the development and programming of the Student Research Conference since 2022 as the program support officer whilst also working with the Student Central team. I've been able to learn so much from this experience including skills in marketing, administration and student engagement as part of the co-design team. Being able to see the Conference come to fruition and provide opportunities to other students to engage meaningfully in research is highly rewarding to me. Outside of ANU, I love to play Netball, watch the AFL, or curl up with a good book.

Georgia Conechado, SRC Events Officer

Hello! My name is Georgia Conechado, and I am completing my Honours year in a Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development), majoring in Renewable Energy Systems. I presented my research on modelling and optimising battery scheduling in distribution networks at the 2022 Student Research Conference which was a great experience. The highlight for me was the wide variety of presentations in such diverse topics, and being able to engage with students outside my own field. This led me to join the team this year as a student leader in creating events for the Conference that can help build these connections further, and encourage students to engage with research in non-conventional forms. Outside of ANU, I work part time for a renewable energy developer. In my free time I love bouldering, painting and food, especially Japanese and Filipino cuisines. I look forward to meeting you at the Conference!

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