ANU Student Research Conference

2023 Abstract Submissions now open!

Abstract submissions for the 2023 ANU Student Research Conference (SRC) are now open!

All ANU undergraduate, Honours and Masters (coursework) students are eligible to submit an abstract based on your coursework, to present at the 2023 Conference (6-8 September).

Not sure what an abstract is, or unsure how to write an abstract based on your coursework? SRC provides access to pre-Conference workshops and resources to support you at every step of the way.

About the Conference

SRC is the Australian National University's undergraduate, honours and Masters by coursework conference. SRC is an annual event and is a proudly multidisciplinary conference open to ANU students from all academic disciplines and all levels of coursework study (1000-4000 level courses, and 6000-8000 level courses).

SRC is a welcoming and supportive program that especially welcomes early year undergraduate students, first-time presenters and students interested in building transferrable skills such as written and oral communicating with broad audiences, public speaking, responding to feedback and networking with students and academic staff from a wide range of academic discipline.

Want to get involved?

As a Student Presenter

Presenting at the Conference

Instead of storing away or forgetting about your reports, essays, literature reviews and other assignments after you receive your grade, why not use them to gain experience applying to and presenting at academic conferences? Even if you’re not thinking about a research career or postgraduate study, getting involved in the ANU Student Research Conference is a great way to build your communication skills, connect with students and staff, and gain recognition for the thinking, inquiry and writing you’re already doing for your coursework.

A distinctive characteristic of your ANU degree is that from your first year, many of your assignments ask you to respond to or define a specific question or problem, gather relevant context or background information, and arrive at a meaningful, evidenced conclusion. These are the key ingredients of research, even if the word ‘research’ isn’t included in the assignment name or course title. Whether you are a first year student or a later-year student, this means that your latest assignment could be eligible for this year’s 2023 ANU Student Research Conference!


Students at all stages of their undergraduate, honours or Masters by coursework degree are invited to apply to present at the conference by submitting an abstract. SRC provides you with a platform to present research completed as part of your coursework at ANU. You’ll also have access to opportunities to build your research communication skills through pre-Conference and in-Conference workshops.

Research eligible for presentation at SRC is any independent or group inquiry conducted as part of coursework within any undergraduate, honours or Masters by coursework course at ANU. This includes but is not limited to inquiry undertaken in a research-focussed degree (such as PhB) or in a research-focussed course (such as a Special Topics course, Advanced Studies course, or Capstone project). Examples of research include short essays, extended/research essays, reports, literature reviews and theses from:

  • 1000, 2000 and 3000-level courses (undergraduate);
  • 4000-level honours courses; and,
  • 6000 and 8000-level courses (Masters by coursework).

The research undertaken does not need to be primary research- that is, you do not need to collect and analyse your own data- and your research may draw entirely upon secondary sources (such as existing data, literature or other sources). You might have reviewed the existing literature, confirmed the results of an existing study or body of work, or made an argument based on existing data or literature.

You can read more at the 2023 ANU Student Research Conference Abstract Submission Guidelines document.

Presentation categories

The type of presentation that you will make at the ANU Student Research Conference depends on (1) your level of study, and (2) your preference between a poster presentation and an oral presentation. You will indicate this information in your abstract submission. The available presentation categories are:

  • Oral Presentation: Undergraduate
  • Oral Presentation: Honours
  • Oral Presentation: Masters (coursework)

In this category, you will have up to 10 minutes to present followed by up to 5 minutes of Q&A with the audience and judges.

  • Poster Presentation: Undergraduate
  • Poster Presentation Honours
  • Poster Presentation Masters (coursework)

In this category, posters will be displayed in a plenary space. Attendees and judges will approach you to look at your poster and talk to you about your research.

Everyone attending is there to support you, and they are genuinely interested in the work you are presenting. Any questions that you are asked will be focussed on better understanding your research and experience, not on testing your subject matter knowledge.

Depending on the distribution of student preferences between the available categories, one or more presentation categories may not be offered. In this case, you will be offered an alternative presentation format (ie. If you select ‘poster presentation’ and this category is not offered in 2023, you will automatically be offered a place in the ‘oral presentation’ category).

When you present at the Conference, two academic staff will be in the audience to note down feedback that will be shared with you via email later, and to evaluate your presentation against this criteria, which will be used to determine the prize winners. The judges will also ask you questions after your presentation.

Pathway to presenting

  • April: Attend an optional SRC Abstract Writing workshop.
  • Before 18 June: Submit a 250 word abstract for research you’ve already completed as part of your coursework at ANU.
  • July: Receive feedback on your abstract, including an opportunity to respond to feedback through a resubmission.
  • August: Attend optional pre-Conference photography to receive a free professional headshot, and have it displayed in the Conference Program.
  • August: Attend optional pre-Conference skills workshops to build your presentation skills.
  • August-September: Meet other presenters at optional pre-Conference networking events.
  • September: See your abstract published in the official Conference program, and present your research to the ANU community!

Making a submission to the ANU Student Research Conference:

  • Is free for all ANU coursework students.
  • Includes a range of exclusive skills development and social opportunities throughout the year.
  • Is ideal for first time presenters, and first and second year undergraduates, as well as Honours students and more experienced presenters.

Events, support and resources

A range of pre-Conference events are available to students. All events are free and open to all student presenters. View and register for events at the SRC Eventbrite webpage.

ANU Academic Skills is available to provide individualised feedback and support to all student presenters, subject to appointment availability. Book here:

ANU Student Research Conference also provides a range of resources to support you throughout the student presenter pathway:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I am a first year student, am I eligible to present?

Yes! SRC especially welcomes presenters in their first year of their degree. To present at the Conference, you’ll need to submit a summary of an assignment you have completed while at ANU, according to these guidelines.

Do I have to pay to participate?

There is no cost associated with participation in the ANU Student Research Conference. All support, events, and Conference attendance are completely free for all ANU students and staff. SRC is funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)- learn more about SSAF here: Services & amenities fee - ANU

Does the Conference theme have on my abstract and presentation?

The Conference theme has no impact on your abstract or presentation at all, and you are not required to explicitly address the theme. Equally, you are free to use the theme to reflect on the contributions or significance of your work, to frame and invite discussion.

I've received a nomination to participate, what are my next steps?

Congratulations! The next step is to prepare and submit an abstract according to the abstract submission guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to email the team:

What does the Conference normally look like?

SRC is a three day conference which includes student presentations, events, meals and a range of other opportunities to learn and connect. The main audience is student presenters (both undergraduate and Masters (coursework) and their friends, family and other supporters; as well as academic and professional staff from across the University. Conference attendance is free and open to all members of the ANU community, though registration is essential due to high interest and demand.

Do I have to be available for the whole Conference?

No. As a student presenter, the only compulsory attendance requirement is the session in which you are presenting. You are expected to attend for the duration of whole presentation session (usually 60-90 minutes), and you’ll receive significant advanced notice about this. While you are encouraged and welcomed to attend other events at the Conference, these are not compulsory.

Is the Conference hybrid? Can I present remotely?

Subject to the latest ANU and ACT Government health advice, SRC is an in-person conference with no hybrid or remote options available for presenting or attending. This is because the significant cost of offering a hybrid conference reduces our ability to provide a high quality in-person experience including free conference merchandise, professionally printed posters and conference programs, catering and high quality audio-visual resources for presenters.

What pre-Conference support is available for presenters?

Pre-conference support includes a range of events, workshops and other opportunities to build practical skills needed to prepare and give your presentation, connect with fellow presenters, and be recognised for the achievement of being accepted to present at the Conference.

What recognition is provided for participation?

As a student presenter, you will receive an official ANU certificate of participation usually presented by a member of the University executive (link: University Executive - ANU). In each presentation category (undergraduate, Honours and Masters by coursework), the highest scoring presentation receives $500 and the runners up receive $300.

As a Co-Designer

About the opportunity

Interested in joining a multidisciplinary community of students and staff, and playing a part in delivering the 2023 ANU Student Research Conference? Keen to get experience in event design and graphic design in a supportive environment? The 2023 Collaborative Design Team is a group of full time staff, student casual staff and student volunteers who work together throughout the year to put together the program of Conference events- as well as the graphic designs to promote them.

What is collaborative design?

"The charm of SRC lies in student[s]... coming together with Engagement and Success staff to build the platform for student researchers to build their research presentation skills and confidence.”

-- Shaam Gupta, 2022 Student Co-Designer

Collaborative design provides time, space and resources for students and staff to work meaningfully together to design, develop and deliver programs and services (such as the ANU Student Research Conference). Students and staff learn from each other and the wider ANU community, use visual and creative methods to explore different possibilities, and test ideas with the ANU community before delivering them. Our emphasis is on building events and graphics that are genuinely interesting and meaningful for the students they serve.

Employment opportunities

Applications for student casual staff in the Collaborative Design Team are currently closed. Available roles will be advertised via the ANU Jobs website.

Volunteer opportunities

Applications for student volunteers in the Collaborative Design Team are currently closed. Available volunteer roles will be advertised via the ANU+ internal volunteering database 

Volunteering with SRC is eligible for recognition in the ANU+ Award program.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the eligibility requirements for the co-design team?

All currently enrolled ANU students are eligible to apply for both the paid and volunteer co-design opportunities.

What is the approximate time commitment?

The time commitment for paid staff varies from year to year based on the project. In genera, staff can expect to spend approximately 60 hours on the project over 6-8 months, including participation in development and up-skilling opportunities.

There are a number of different volunteer opportunities available to ANU students, which range from one to six hoursin duration (inclusive of breaks). Volunteering with SRC is eligible for recognition in the ANU+ Award program.

Meet some of our SRC alumni

Alumni of the ANU Student Research Conference program include student co-designers (volunteers and paid staff) and student presenters.

Meet our 2022 Student Research Conference Ambassadors:

Yimeng Cheng, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Portrait headshot of Yimeng Cheng

My name is Yimeng Cheng, a final-year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) student at the ANU.

As one of the Ambassadors for the Student Research Conference (SRC), my role is to share my experience with presenting at ACUR@ANU (an international undergraduate research conference hosted by ANU in 2021) and specifically to share general tips and advice based on my experience.

As an international student myself, I am keen to help those from different cultural backgrounds find their passion in research. Currently, I am investigating topics in judgement and decision-making domain. However, during the last few years of my undergraduate studies I have been involved in various research projects in social and clinical psychology.

Sophia Ridolfo, Bachelor of Science (Adv) (Hons)

Portrait headshot of Sophia Ridolfo

My name is Sophia Ridolfo, a final-year Bachelor of Science (Adv) (Hons) student majoring in astronomy and astrophysics at ANU. I’m very passionate about research, and at an undergraduate level it is a particularly special opportunity to explore something you find interesting and contribute to your field. Currently I am a research assistant in astronomy and astrophysics, and gender diversity modelling at ANU.

Presenting my research on star-forming regions in local galaxies at the ANU Student Research Conference in 2020 and ACUR@ANU 2021 was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my skills further in communicating my research. I also had the privilege of sharing my experiences in undergraduate research with my supervisor in a keynote address at ACUR@ANU 2021.

As a SRC Ambassador, I am excited to continue sharing my experiences in undergraduate research and encouraging students to get involved and share their research at the ANU Student Research Conference this year!

Keira Mullan, Bachelor of Arts

Portrait headshot of Keira Mullan

My name is Keira Mullan (they/she) and I’m a currently completing my Honours year in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in linguistics.

Research is something I’m very passionate about, my interests involve language documentation and typology.

Presenting my research on nominal gender and number in Kufo at ACUR@ANU 2021 was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my skills in communicating research and hear about all the fantastic undergraduate research being done across Australia and abroad.

I’m excited to be able to represent SRC as a student ambassador this year and help to guide and encourage other undergraduate and Masters by coursework students to share and get involved in research.

Meet our 2022 Co-Design Committee:

Annabelle Tan, Bachelor of Science

I am Annabelle Tan, a member of the Program Design team and a current undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor in Science, with aspirations to become a future litigator.

I deeply enjoy being actively involved in opportunities to expand my worldview through integrating with peers of a similar future-oriented mindset with a collective interest in empowering ourselves, our communities and advancing the world we live in.

When I am not involved in avid informal research into academic papers I can be found hiking, running, practising the cello or at weekend brunch with my nose buried in a good book. I sincerely express my gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with such a dynamic and devoted team in contributing innovative ideas and experiences toward the ANU Student Research Conference 2022 Co-Design Committee.

Anneysha Sarkar, Program Designer

Image of Anneysha Sarkar.

Anneysha Sarkar is a Program Designer on the 2022 ANU Student Research Conference Co-Design Committee.





Wei Lerr Wong, Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics

Image of Lerr Wei Wong

Hi, I am Lerr from Malaysia! I am currently in my second year studying the Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics at the ANU.

This year, I joined ANU SRC Co-Design Committee as part of the graphic designer team to develop a visual solution for the conference. As a graphic designer, inquisitive and creative are my adjectives.

I enjoy the process of exploring, creating and innovating ideas. What really drives me is design always starts with a blank in the beginning. And I am free to create anything I want from there, like ANYTHING!

In the past years, I have joined relevant roles such as the design director and the editor of the graduation yearbook for more than 500 graduates, and I look forward to my journey with SRC! Finally, I see myself furthering my design skills and improving my self-confidence in 27 weeks from SRC!

Linda Harvey, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Image of Linda Harvey

My name is Linda Harvey. I'm currently completing my Honours year in Psychology at the ANU, conducting research on young people's experiences of climate anxiety.

Besides working with the SRC on the graphic design team, I am currently on the executive team of the ANU Psychology Society as a Media Officer, creating graphics for our events as well as designing our merch.

I am passionate about art and am looking forward to engaging in this creative endeavour.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to build my design skills while working with this wonderful team.

Maxine Wu, Bachelor of Philosophy (Science)

Image of Maxine Wu

Hello! My name is Maxine, and I am currently a first year undergraduate student who is studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science), majoring in chemistry and psychology.

As an avid first-year student with many interests, I am currently invested in a variety of societies, from sports like rowing and Quidditch, to organisations such as Effective Altruism and the FOCUS group on campus. As an undergraduate student who plans to pursue research throughout my degree, I am very passionate about the value research has for the individual as a means that can broaden one’s educational experience, as well as its impact within greater society.

Within the SRC Committee, I am working as a Social Media designer, which is role that strongly aligns with my previous experience as someone who has creative interests in graphics and film. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to be working in a diverse team that is unified by the goal of designing a conference experience by students, for students.

Natasha Tareen, Bachelor of Business Administration

Image of Natasha Tareen

Hello! My name is Natasha Tareen, and I’m a third year Business Administration student at ANU, with a minor in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies.

I have been involved in designing graphics as Marketing Officer for the ANU Middle Eastern Studies Association, as well as editorial pieces for Woroni, and I am now fortunate enough to be a part of the Student Research Conference team as a graphic designer!

Getting the opportunity to work with a team to produce the most optimal solution for the conference deeply aligns with the passion I have for continuing to create, alongside others with incredibly valuable insight.

Outside of ANU, I love to paint, as well as building nanoblocks and aquariums.

Rebecca Haller-Trost, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts (FDD)

Image of Rebecca Haller-Trost

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I am currently completing my double degree in Commerce/Arts!

Beyond studying, I am currently on the executive committees for two ANU societies and I am undertaking two internships. I am also in the process of securing an undergraduate research internship with the ANU and I am very excited to work under prestigious academics and professionals!

I enjoy creative outlets such as graphic design, creating short films and writing music on my piano.As I am passionate about learning, it gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with this amazing team to develop and implement solutions that will engage and educate undergraduates about the importance of research!

Shambav Gupta, Program Designer

Image of Shambhav Gupta

Shambhav Gupta is a Program Designer on the 2022 ANU Student Research Conference Co-Design Committee.





Shashank CG, Master of Business Information Systems

Image of Shash CG

Hi! My name is Shashank (Shash). Currently in the first year of the Master of Business Information Systems program at the ANU.

My deep appreciation for research and willingness to help other students in understanding the importance of research inspired me to be a part of SRC.

I'm delighted to contribute as a graphic design team member and collaborate with such a creative and diverse team, which will help me hone my design skills as well.

I aspire to venture into product management after my graduation. In my free time I read about psychology, I run and enjoy motorcycling a lot.

Srishti, Program Designer

Image of Srishti

Srishti is a Program Designer on the 2022 ANU Student Research Conference Co-Design Committee.





Tina Gopalan, Biology (Hons)


Hey there, I am Tina Gopalan from Malaysia currently completing an honours in biology.

I'm working on greater gliders and hoping to make a positive impact in conserving them! I am a strong believer that no matter how small your work is towards a common goal, it is still as valuable as the goal itself. I enjoy playing futsal, board games & much more. I feel that research provides us with a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to learn from.

I aspire to delve into it as well as collaborate with peers to make the world a better place one step at a time no matter how small my contribution may be. In terms of the SRC, I am part of the program designer team and I hope that the conference ignites meaningful conversations and inspires us all!

Previous conferences


The ANU Student Research Conference team hosted the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Conference (ACUR@ANU 2021). This conference welcomed 143 student presenters from around the world over three days. The Conference attracted sponsorship from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the John Curtin School of Medicine and the ANU Gender Institute, and provided ANU undergraduate and honours students with an unparalleled opportunity to present, network and gain recognition for their research on an international stage. In partnership with ACUR and our sponsors and supporters, the ANU Student Research Conference team delivered the largest ever ACUR conference and the first ever online ACUR conference.

More information about ACUR@ANU can be found at


In 2020, the Conference was held online for the first time, and saw more than 70 ANU students presenting their research across the three-day program. Student presentations ran throughout the three days, and included research on international relations, quantum computing, COVID-19, art history and more. 

In 2020, the ANU Student Research Conference also hosted a wide range of events which were open to all members of the ANU community.

  • Wednesday 16th September 2020:
    • Keynote address- Lucy Kirk and Professor Imogen Mitchell: 'Young Voices, Big Impact' (9am AEST)
    • Women in Academia Panel (11am AEST)
    • Tips and Tricks for PhD Success panel (1pm AEST)
    • How to Turn Your Social Science Passion into a Career panel (4pm AEST)
  • Thursday 17th September 2020:
    • Keynote address- Lachlan Deimel: 'A guide to vaccines in the COVID-19 era' (9.30am AEST)
    • Tips and Tricks for Honours Success panel (12pm AEST)
    • Beginner's R (free statistical software program) workshop (2.30pm AEST)
  • Friday 18th September 2020:
    • COVID-19 Research in the Time of a Pandemic panel (11am AEST)
    • Preparing, Publishing, Published! How to Get Your Name on the Page panel (2pm)
    • Closing Ceremony and Presentation of Awards (3pm AEST)

You can access the 2020 ANU Student Research Conference program here.

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