ANU Community Connect

ANU Community Connect provides a safe and welcoming space for all ANU students. We offer no-cost essential items through our food pantry, Share the Dignity vending machine, access to our friendly and knowledgeable team to support students build connections, navigate university services and actively engage with programs and events to improve student experience at ANU.

What does ANU Community Connect offer?

The food pantry is the first initiative to be launched through ANU Community Connect in Semester 2, 2022. The food pantry is a safe and non-judgemental space that stocks no-cost essential items, non-perishable goods, herbs, spices, and recipes to create low cost, nutritional meals. Enrolled students are welcome to access items up to a value of 10 points each week when open. During Semester 2 2022, the pantry will be open 1-4pm Monday and Thursday. We encourage students to bring their own bags, with a limited supply of reusable bags available on site. 

Sanitary products, contraception, and other hygiene and health essentials are available free of charge too and students can access these as often as required during opening hours without stigma or judgement

ANU Community Connect is run by Thrive part of the Engagement and Success team (DVCSUE). Thrive facilitates a wide range of workshops and events including cooking and conversations, crafts and the opportunity to grow and harvest your own food through the ANU Kitchen Garden Project. If you have any questions or want to know more about our team and the space please follow Thrive’s Facebook and Instagram accounts or send our team an email at


What is the purpose of ANU Community Connect?

ANU Community Connect (ACC) purpose and mission is to engage with our students and wider ANU community to actively address food and financial insecurity, social isolation and foster a vibrant campus community.


  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental space for all ANU students to access essential items, meet new friends, share new experiences and learn new skills.
  • Provide opportunities to cultivate a culture of social inclusion and equity through engagement in co-curricular activities and events that not only teach valuable life-long skills but give back to community.
  • Encourage students to engage with our team, get help navigating the complexities of university and student life.
  • Offer opportunities to connect with others in a friendly, inclusive environment through ANU Community Connect (ACC) & Kitchen Garden Project (KGP) through learning to cook easy, low cost nutritional meals using items available from the food pantry and kitchen gardens on campus.


How can I access ANU Community Connect?

ANU Community Connect will officially launch in O-Week Semester 2 2022. All currently enrolled ANU students can access the food pantry and engage with our organised programs and events. The space will be open and accessible to students for a select number of hours each week during semester. During semester 2 2022 the pantry is open Monday and Thursday 1-4pm. Students can visit and self-select items up to a value of 10 points – equal to 4-10 items each on a weekly basis. 

The Food Pantry schedule has been designed based on student feedback from two separate pop up events and also not to coincide with offerings through BKSS, ANUSA. User testing will continue in Semester 2, 2022 with a revised scheduled based on student feedback for Semester 1, 2023. 

Our team are working with other staff and student groups across the university to establish food rescue processes and will be working to communicate that out to students and the wider community once established.

Where can I find ANU Community Connect?

ANU Community Connect can be found in the Copland Building #24 next to the ANUSA Spoon Space and COP G032. If using Student VIP you can find the general location of the building by searching for the room COP GO32. There is signage and A-frames outside the building to help identify the location of ANU Community Connect. 

How can I contribute to ANU Community Connect?

Occasional changes to ANU Community Connect and its operations will continue to be made in response to staff, student, and community feedback. If you have suggestions for the program, you can contact Thrive via email at

As we are still establishing our processes and procedures, we are not receiving community donations at the moment. In the meantime, please continue to check this page to remain up to date as to how staff and students may contribute to the program, and the process by which we will be receiving donations.

Stay up to date with events, activities and the progress of the initiative by following Thrive’s Facebook and Instagram and the Engagement and Success team Facebook and Instagram.


ANU Community Connect is proudly funded by HEPPP.

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