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24 Apr 2024

The skills that I learnt from the Set4ANU program ...[are]... communication, the power of listening and time management.

A student's first week at university can be an incredible experience - all the new people, places, learning opportunities, communities, and so much more on one campus. Being a big part of helping new students to make that transition to study at the tertiary level is what makes Set4ANU Mentors special. With Set4ANU currently recruiting Mentors for Semester 2, 2024, we take a look at the experience of one of our Mentors from last year reflecting on their experience with Set4ANU.

“This has been an enriching experience for me...I feel like I have taken full advantage of this program in my university life..."

And what did skills did they develop from being a Mentor?


"Communication has been a key since the introduction with my mentees, I personally liked to send them a weekly message on weekends to check on them and know if they are doing well". 

Listening Skills

"Listening skills has been vital in terms of my understanding about mentees and their feelings about the university and other things." 

Time Management

"Time management has been critical in regards of tackling my own uni [work]load and being an open communication link for my mentees, asking them about their week and catering to their needs whenever they asked for help."

Getting involved with Set4ANU is sure to be beneficial for your future. Many top employers look for these skills when hiring graduates.

So, what did our Mentor say was the most significant benefit of registering to be a Set4ANU Mentor?

"Overall, the whole experience was rewarding and the thought of making a new student's transition smooth to a university brings me bliss".

Get involved with Set4ANU today!

Set4ANU is a fun, free, 8-week program designed to prepare students to excel at The Australian National University through holistic support during their first semester. Set4ANU Mentors play a vital role in welcoming new students to the ANU and assisting in their transition. Mentors are responsible for helping to answer their mentee's questions, directing them to relevant support around the ANU, and being a friendly welcoming presence for their mentees.

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