Teaching Delivery & Activity Types

Teaching Delivery Types

Delivery Type Definition Recording/Streaming Method Participation
On Campus

Standard teaching activity on campus.

If in an Echo360 enabled room, automated recordings should be available online for students.

For activities not meeting criteria eg tutorials/pracs in non echo enabled rooms, no automated echo recording will be available

Live: on campus

Echo recording may be available after the lecture to cater for online students

OnLine - Live A session delivered online in real time -  webinar style or fully interactive.  The expectation is for students to be available at the scheduled time.  This may or may not be recorded. 

At Lecturer's discretion.

No automated recording available.

Live: online only

No face to face/in person attendance

OnLine - Prerecorded

An activity pre-recorded,then posted online. The general assumption is that students will be able to access this  activity online, in their own time.  It is therefore scheduled on a Sunday as a default. There are exceptions, when a prerecorded activity will appear at a set time during the week, in order to indicate to students when the recording will be available.  Prerecorded activities will be clashable in MyTimetable.

Echo recording may take up to 24 hours to be available, depending on time/day of recording

Online one way broadcast

Can be accessed in own time

Dual Delivery

A teaching activity to accommodate both on campus and online attendance/participation in real time.  It may be delivered in a specially allocated classroom (with camera and microphone) to accommodate both on campus and online participation in real time.  Students will need to contact their relevant schools/instructors for details on electing to attend online vs on campus.  These sessions may or may not be recorded - instructors discretion.

At Lecturer's discretion.

Live: on campus and online

Contact the Student Central or relevant College/School for timetable related enquiries and issues. 

Activity types


Activity types are indicated in the 'Class' column, by an abbreviation at the end of the Class code.

Activity Type Abbreviation Activity Type
Lec Lecture
Sem Seminar
Let Lectorial
Tut Tutorial
Wor Workshop
Com Computer Lab
Pra Practical
Stu Studio
Pla Placement
Support Class Support Class
Fil Film Screening
Fie Fieldwork
Dro Drop-in Class
Exam Examination
Cli Clinic
Aff Affiliated
Cla Class

What do letters and numbers indicate at the end of the Class code?

Letters indicate compulsory classes

Where the class name has a suffix containing an incremented letter e.g. LecA/01, LecB/01, LecC/01 this means you need to go to each of the classes. Typically these are Lectures but other activity types can have this structure.

Numbers indicate choices

Where the class name has a suffix containing an incremented number e.g. TutA/01, TutA/02, TutA/03 this means you need to pick one activity only (as A/02 and A/03 are repeats of the content in A/01).