Special Dispensation

Further information about Special Dispensation will be uploaded on this webpage once finalised (Last updated: 28 July 2020)


If you are a student who: 
  1. is impacted by travel restrictions; and  
  2. you commenced your program at ANU prior to Semester 1, 2020; or  
  3. you are commencing a new program at ANU in Semester 1, 2020 and have previously studied at ANU,  

then you are a continuing student and will be eligible for Special Dispensation, which means that if you fail a course you take in Semester 1, 2020, you will be able to re-take this course a second time at no cost.   

Special Dispensation does not apply to courses repeated where: 

  • Students were not identified as remote in first semester.
  • Courses where a subsequent repeat course has already received Special Dispensation. 
  • Courses which are not undertaken in the same program as the original failed course.
  • Grades applied as a result of misconduct or discipline proceedings in Semester 1, 2020 may not be eligible for Special Dispensation.