SA-HELP is part of the suite of HELP loans offered by the Australian Government. All Australian citizens and humanitarian visa holders enrolled in an award program will be eligible to defer their services and amenities fee (SA fee) debt in the same way as HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP.

Students may elect to pay the SA fee up-front as they may for their student contribution, or they may choose to defer the debt.

If a student chooses to defer the SA fee they will be required to submit a request for Commonwealth Assistance form  via ISIS by the incurral deadline.


Eligible students include all Australian citizens and some permanent humanitarian visa holders enrolled in an award program. The following student cohorts are eligible to apply for SA-HELP:

  • students in Commonwealth support places
  • domestic tuition fee paying students
  • research training scheme students
  • domestic outbound exchange student.

Incurral deadline

The incurral deadline is the last day a student who would like to access SA-HELP can submit their Request for Commonwealth Assistance form vis ISIS. Forms received after this date can only be applied to later semesters, trimesters or sessions.

The incurral deadline differs from the due date for payment.

SessionIncurral Date
Summer/Quarter 130 March
Semester 15 April
Autumn/Quarter 230 June
Semester 231 August
Winter/Quarter 330 September
Spring/Quarter 431 December


Principal dates


Semester 1 census date


Semester 2 census date