How fees are calculated

Tuition fees are charged based on your enrolment. Each course you enrol in has an associated fee.

From year to year tuition fee rates change. They can change for a number of reasons including those set by the University and those set by the Australian government. Specific course fee amounts are listed in the relevant course entry on the Programs & Courses website.

The cost of tuition fees differs based on many variables, however, the following principles apply to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework fees:

  • Fees are not a set amount based on the degree you take.
  • Fees are calculated on a course (a single unit of study) basis, and every course that you take has an associated tuition fee.
  • Course fees will differ depending on factors such as whether you are a domestic or international student, the year you commence and the program you are studying.
  • Some courses cost more than others.
  • Each semester or session, the cost of all your enrolled courses is added together and you are invoiced for that amount.
  • If you change your enrolment, the amount you owe the University may change.

Different students may pay different amounts for the same course based on the above principles.

There are fee and tuition rules that govern the way the University sets and increases fees.

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