Commonwealth assistance notice

After the census date passes students enroled in Commonwealth supported places or electing to use FEE-HELP will be provided with an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN) for their enrolled courses.

Your eCAN includes important information about your enrolment, any HELP debt you have incurred, contribution amounts you have paid, and any loan fee you have incurred.


eCANs are located in your ISIS account details and will be available within 28 days after each census date.

As ISIS is only accessible to current students, graduating students are advised to save or print all their eCANs before graduation.


You should check the details on your e-CAN carefully to ensure:

  • the amount you have been charged is correct
  • that any units from which you have been withdrawn on or before the census date have not been included.

If you believe the information on your eCAN is incorrect, you have 14 days from the date the eCAN was generated to make a written request to confirm and correct the error.

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