Enrol for the first time as a non-award student

The last day to add courses on ISIS for Semester 2, 2023 is Monday 31 July 2023. 

New students must complete enrolment before the second teaching week in the semester, or by the last day to add the course in a non-standard session.

  • If you are a domestic student you should ensure that you have a tax file number in order to complete your request for Commonwealth Assistance.
  • If you are an international student on a 'non-student visa' you must supply a copy of your visa to policy.regs@anu.edu.au once you arrive.

After you've enrolled

  • You can access ISIS and WATTLE any time to check your fees and to begin study.
  • Your course fees will be invoiced in ISIS during the first two weeks of the semester. You will receive an invoice notification via email. Find out more about fee requirements for new students.
  • Although a timetable snapshot will appear in ISIS as soon as your enrol, you have to go to the Timetabling website for more detailed class information.
  • Your course guide will appear in WATTLE during Orientation week.
  • In your first lectures you will be given information regarding tutorial sign-up.

Step 1
Find class numbers

Look at your offer letter to identify your approved courses.

Use the Programs & Courses search to find each course - you can search by course title or course code.

Go to the Terms section on the course page to find the Class number assigned to the semester you want to study in. You need this in order to select the course in step two.

Resources to help

Use the contact details to request an alternative format.

Step 2
Enrol in ISIS

Login to the Interactive Student Information System (ISIS).

You need to complete the Task Wizard in ISIS before progressing to enrolment.

Then go to Main Menu (compass in top-right hand corner of screen) > Navigation > ISIS > Enrolment > Enrolment in the main menu to follow the steps in the How to enrol guide to add your courses.

If you receive an error message you require a permission code to enrol. Contact your ANU College for assistance.

Resources to help

Use the contact details to request an alternative format.

Step 3
Get your student card

Once your enrolment is complete you can collect your student card. For more information, please visit this webpage

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