Set4ANU is a fun, free program designed to prepare students to excel at The Australian National University through holistic support during the first semester orientation and transition period. This encompasses both O-Week events and the semester-long Set4ANU Mentoring program.

Registration for new students to have a Set4ANU Mentor in Semester 2 is open. Sign up here:

We welcome students who will be studying on campus and those who may be studying remotely - our mentors are students too, and are currently studying from all over the world!

Set4ANU Mentoring

Are you feeling: 

  • Unsure about how to approach your study choices or getting help when you're stuck?
  • Confused about the various administrative and online systems across the university?
  • Lost around campus?
  • In need of friendly faces, or of people with similar interests to you?
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to set up, enrol in, choose, find, collect, buy, and learn?

The Set4ANU Mentoring Program aims to provide new students with holistic support, giving guidance in both living and learning as an ANU student. New students are put in small (2-5 people) groups and given a later year student mentor. In these mentoring groups, you can make new friends, ask your mentor questions, and leverage their knowledge and networks to help you settle into your study here at ANU. They have also experienced living in Canberra for a while, so can also be a useful contact person for any general questions or concerns if you are moving to Canberra.

We have four key activities which you can use to transition to ANU smoothly:

  • Our semester-long guided mentoring program, designed to help you develop the skills and networks you need to be a successful ANU student
  • Online support and community, which will give you regular summaries of upcoming important dates and interesting events, as well as give you the chance to ask questions of the wider Set4ANU community
  • Social events, where you can make friends and meet others with the same interests as you
  • Group trips to Canberra events and attractions

Remember that Set4ANU mentors are later year students volunteering to help first semester students, and are not responsible for you or your learning. They should not be asked for academic tutoring and cannot give official course advice, although they can point you in the direction of suitable people for this!

Registering to have a Set4ANU Mentor

Registration for new students to have a Set4ANU Mentor in Semester 2 is open. Sign up here:

We welcome students who will be studying on campus and those who may be studying remotely - our mentors are students too, and are currently studying from all over the world!

While we endeavour to match all registered Set4ANU mentees (new students) with a Set4ANU mentor, if the number of registered mentees exceeds the number of available mentors, students will be matched in the order we receive applications.

All first year students are welcome to Set4ANU sessions and events throughout the semester, whether they have a mentor or not. Email to sign up to our mailing list and hear more about these events.

Being a Set4ANU Mentor

Set4ANU Mentors are the key to the sucess of our mentoring program. We are looking for mentors who care about the experience of new students, are willing to invest a bit of time over a semester getting to know and support a small group of students, and want to develop their coaching and peer support skills. Our new students (mentees) are a diverse bunch from a range of backgrounds and we'd like a diverse group of mentors, so we encourage later year students from all backgrounds to apply!

Applications to be a Set4ANU Mentor for Semester 2 2020 are now closed. 

Being a Set4ANU Student Leader

Set4ANU Student Leaders are students who have stepped up to help run Set4ANU's events, online support, and other aspects of the mentoring program. This is a paid (casual) position open to current students of ANU. Experience as a Set4ANU mentor is highly desirable but not required. Applications for Set4ANU Student Leaders for 2020 are now closed.

For futher information on any of the above, please contact

Set4ANU Orientation Programs

Set4ANU provides programs, resources, and support to incoming students before, during and after arrival at ANU.

Before you commence, Set4ANU provides:

  • Informative welcome emails reminding you of important dates and connecting you to relevant services
  • ANU1001 online orientation course to help you understand what it takes to be an ANU student
  • Webinars where you can ask about moving to Canberra, starting at ANU, and other questions you might have about being at ANU

These resources are available to all incoming students.

As you arrive at ANU, Set4ANU provides:

  • Airport and Jolimont (bus station) welcome and pick up - we'll drop you and your bags off to ANU campus
  • Orientation Week (O-Week) Induction sessions - find out about essential services and information provided by ANU
  • Campus Tours - explore our campus and find the buildings you'll be learning and socialising in 
  • O-Week Mobile Team - if you're lost or confused, we have friendly faces across campus to help you find your way
  • O-Week Drop Ins - if you want to meet new people, have a chat to some current students, or just a quiet refuge in the busy-ness of O-Week, come find our drop in space!

All students at ANU may make use of these resources and sessions.

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