Education, Training and Resources

ANU students and staff can get involved in a range of training and education initiatives run by the Respectful Relationships Unit on campus.

The training initiatives have been developed with the long-term aim of ensuring the ANU campus is free from sexism, sexual assault and sexual harassment, and are based on best practice and current research.

A significant focus of the training and education initiatives is primary prevention. This means our modules are designed to prevent instances of sexual violence occurring in the first place. Some training modules also focus on appropriate immediate and long-term responses following sexual violence that may lessen negative impacts, which are known as secondary and tertiary prevention.

Respectful Relationships Unit is always expanding the training and education offerings, so we can tailor information and education to meet the needs of our diverse communities. We encourage you to get in contact with us at, whether it is to get further information on training and education, or to discuss how we can support you and your community.

Please visit the training list to browse through the current training and education opportunities available for staff and students