Training opportunities

Consent Matters

Duration: varies
Delivery: online

The Consent Matters online module is compulsory for all students and offered through Wattle. This module explores the nature of sexual consent, how to recognise it and how to identify situations where it can't be given. The module outlines the importance of good communication, clear boundaries and mutual respect within sex and relationships. The principles of bystander intervention are also explored.

You can access the training via the following links:

Enlivening Consent

Duration: 1 hour
Delivery: face to face

Enlivening Consent is a face-to-face training session that aims to contextualise the online module of Consent Matters while providing a space for questions and dialogue. Enlivening Consent provides an ethical framework around consent and communication in intimate settings through a sex positive lens. The session explores how we communicate consent, verbally and non-verbally and exposes social norms that contribute to the present discourse around consent. The ACT legislation which outlines when consent can and cannot be given within a legal framework is also examined.

Please contact us by emailing to discuss.

Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence (staff or student workshops)

Duration: 2 hours
Delivery: face to face

This session begins by exploring the nature of sexual harassment and sexual assault in both the Australian and University context. It then provides participants with practical skills and strategies to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence in a safe and supportive manner. Information on relevant support services, reporting mechanisms and creating safe environments is included. These sessions are particularly recommended for staff and students in leadership positions and student facing roles.

This training session can be designed in consultation with ANU communities in order to address their specific contextual needs. Please contact us by emailing to discuss.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence (online module)

Duration: 2 hours
Delivery: Online (accessible via Wattle or Pulse)

This online module is accessible for both staff and students. It provides an overview of the broader context around sexual violence at universities before outlining how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence in a safe and supportive way. This course is tailored to the ANU context and outlines relevant support services available in the ANU and ACT.

MATE Bystander Program

Duration: varies (90 mins, 2-3 hours or whole day)
Delivery: face to face

MATE bystander program asks participants to take responsibility for their role in preventing gender-based violence. It provides the knowledge to recognise problematic behaviour and develops skills and confidence needed to interrupt this behaviour. MATE bystander training aims to raise awareness of the drivers of sexual violence while providing a safe space for individuals to think critically and empathetically about these volatile issues. Participants will learn effective and safe strategies for intervening and addressing problematic behaviour among peers, in the workplace or community.


The RRU is the host of the ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally network and provides a variety of related learning experiences. Please visit the Ally training page for more details.

Bespoke learning experiences

The RRU is interested in working with specific groups within ANU to design appropriate learning experiences that are relevant to their needs and context. Please contact us by emailing to discuss.