Getting active

There are a range of ways you can exercise, work out, or play a sport at ANU - just read on! Daily physical activity has a range of physical and mental wellbeing benefits. 


Benefits of exercising

Alongside increasing fitness and physical health, regular exercise can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve cognitive functioning. Health guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, on most days of the week.  


Looking to get active?

  • ANU Sport has a range of facilities, programs, and events to help you get active. For students, gym memberships start from as low as $8 per week ($10 per week for any time opt-out.). Students can also get up to 5 fitness classes free every week, thanks to ANUSA. See more information about gym memberships and classes here.  This information is correct as of January 2021. Please check ANU Sport website for update pricing. 

    ANU Sport also has a range of sports clubs, too! Whatever your sporting talents are, there's something for you. ANU's Market Day, held in O-week each year, is a fantastic way to meet the people behind each club. You can also stay in touch via each club's Facebook page, and contact information can be found here

    A free program to help manage your mood and feel less isolated by walking regularly with another student (If you are interested in being part of a walking group, please send an expression of interest to ANU Sport: to express your interest. 

  • Exercise doesn't have to be intense or vigorous... how about a walk or leisurely ride to get out and about? Canberra has an impressive network of picturesque cycling and walking paths, many of which are easily accessible from the ANU campus. Find information and path maps here.  

  • There are also a number of public exercise facilities dotted around the city. See their locations here


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