Accommodation and tenancy


Renting is a common experience for many ANU students, and Canberra has a substantial rental market that students looking to rent must navigate. Whether it's a share house or living on your own or with a partner, there are a number of factors to consider and be mindful of. The following resources contain useful information that will help you throughout the rental process.   

  • What is a bond? Where should I search for a place? How do I sign an agreement? How can I cheaply furnish a place? Check out the ANU's Renting page for detailed information on tenancy for ANU students. 

  • Be aware of your rights and obligations as a tenant. See the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 for full detail. ANUSA's Student Assistance team can help you understand this law (see below).  

  • See ANUSA's useful housing tips page.  

  • See the Australian Government's Moneysmart page for useful information on rental bonds and leases

  • See the Tenants' Union's webpage for useful factsheets and information relating to tenants' rights and obligations.  


Problems with a rental arrangement 

Problems sometimes emerge with tenancy and share houses. Moving into shared housing - whether they're your friends, partner, acquaintances, or strangers - can present challenges that you mightn't have encountered before. You might also be experiencing difficulties with your landlord or the real estate agency. 

  • Tensions or conflict with housemates can be particularly distressing because your share house should be your base of comfort, safety, and security. If your housing is affected by tensions or conflict, seeking professional support might help you to cope and form effective and productive strategies to overcoming it.  

  • See a list of support options at ANU here.  

  • Check out this article in The Guardian on renting, conflict, and useful tips and strategies.  

  • The ANUSA Legal Service can assist students with tenancy issues. In addition, ANUSA can provide advice and assistance for other aspects of tenancy, such as retrieval of a bond, termination of agreements, and understanding your rights under an occupancy agreement. Contact ANUSA via email at  or call their number on +61 2 6125 2444. 


External legal support for tenants: 

  • The Tenancy Advice Service (a division of Legal Aid ACT) can assist tenants in understanding and asserting their rights. See their webpage here or contact them on 1300 402 512. 

  • The Legal Advice Bureau of the ACT Law Society offers 15 minutes of free legal advice to members of the public. See their webpage here or contact them on 02 6274 0300.  

  • Street Law is a free and confidential legal service for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. See their webpage here or contact them on (02) 6218 7900.  


Living on-campus  

See the Accommodation page for information and applications for on-campus accommodation. 



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